#1 Armonk Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Debt-Laden SMBs With Chapters 11 & 13 Filing

Dec 29, 2022

Frustrated due to a lot of debts? Are creditors ruining your day with persistent calls? Jafri Law Firm (800-593-7491) in Armonk, New York, can help you. You can visit their website to schedule an appointment.

#1 Armonk Bankruptcy Attorney Helps Debt-Laden SMBs With Chapters 11 & 13 Filing

More businesses are facing financial distress, insolvency, and unmanageable debts as the economy continues to struggle with inflation, supply chain issues, and a volatile workforce, leading to increased bankruptcy filings.

If you’re one of such businesses and facing creditors harassment, eviction, or litigation due to overwhelming debts, Jafri Law Firm can help you liquidate or reorganize for a fresh start.

They provide quality legal representation and assist you in preparing chapter 7, 11, and 13 filings for bankruptcy protection or liquidation.

Visit https://www.jafrilawfirm.com/practices/business-bankruptcy for more information.

The firm’s services are ideal if you want to shut down your business completely, restructure and reduce debts while remaining in operation, or reorganize your business and personal debts. They can also defend you against foreclosure and unlawful debt recovery actions like creditor harassment, the threat of arrest, and debt misrepresentation.

Jafri Law Firm understands that crushing debts, constant calls, and threatening letters from creditors and recovery agents can be stressful. As such, the attorneys at the practice are available for you round the clock, including late night, early morning, and weekends, enabling you to reach out whenever necessary.

In addition to bankruptcy protection and liquidation, Jafri Law Firm has extensive experience in antitrust litigations, criminal defense, and appeals. In addition, they offer complimentary one-on-one consultations for interested parties.

Jafri Law Firm is a locally owned and operated commercial legal practice led by Farva Jafri, a fully licensed bankruptcy lawyer who previously served as the COO of Signal Financial Holdings and was also an associate at 777 Partners, a private investment and equity firm.

The practice consists of experienced trial lawyers and crisis managers. For over a decade, the national law firm has helped individuals, large corporations, and small businesses across the United States seek relief from bankruptcy, resolve complex cases, and work out settlement agreements.

A satisfied client said, “Farva has handled a number of matters for me. She's highly professional and gets back to me on time each time I call her. I've had a bankruptcy and back tax issues, and she has always been communicative and helpful. She always kept my expectations realistic. This is the lawyer to hire if you've got a legal problem in New York.”

If you’re overwhelmed with debts and stuck on the way forward, the attorneys at Jafri Law Firm are the guys to call. Contact them now for quality legal assistance.

Need more info? Check them out at https://www.jafrilawfirm.com

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