You Been Served Premium Men’s & Women’s Shirts & Hoodies Available At This Shop

Jul 25, 2023

With Jaleja Products, you can shop for apparel with real meaning – whether you want something celebrating the birth of hip hop or a T-shirt promoting woke culture.

Looking for something to wear or a gift that’s truly unique? Take your pick from Jaleja Products’ over 12,000 items you won’t find anywhere else!

“The Street Store” specializes in music, sports and social awareness, creating products with thought provoking messages and art for each category. For you, this means having a new store to shop or buy gifts from that’s so unlike the stuff you find in your local box store.

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There are bucket loads of popular designs available, including ‘The Birth of Hip Hop’ product range, ‘I Want to Sax You Up’ and ‘Ballers Only’. Other options include ‘Stay Woke’, ‘You Been Served' and more.

The store is also working intimately with Gene Anderson, known as ‘Poo Poo Man’ and author of the book ‘The Birth of Hip Hop Rappers Delight: The Gene Anderson Story.’ He was also responsible for promoting ‘Rappers Delight’ by the Sugar Hill Gang, noted for being the first commercially successful rap song in 1980.

In addition to the above mentioned apparel range, Jaleja Products also offers fully customizable T-shirt and clothing designs based on images uploaded on the company site. You just have to select a product, add text and photos and from there you can send it as a personalized gift.

“Jaleja is an online store and the type of apparel and products we offer have a national and international appeal,” a company spokesperson states. “Our mission is to provide our customers and clients the best we have to offer in uplifting entertainment, apparel and literature. Much more than that, our products are soul inspired and heart driven - creating Great Feelings, Great Thoughts and Great Lives.”

They add: “Our clothes are optimized across all printing methods and are processed and printed within the USA. Every product is fairly produced, certified and triple audited for your peace of mind.”

Jaleja Products is an online store offering diverse apparel and products with national and international appeal, with a client base spanning ages 15 to 60. The brand focuses on three niches: music, sports and consciousness - a category focusing on non-profit organizations, community activists, and socially inspired individuals.

Are you looking for a unique clothes gift that you can’t find in stores? You’re in the right place!

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