Special Orders Now Offered On Premium Jaleja Basketball Clothing & Accessories

Apr 4, 2024

Now you can special order your basketball-themed clothing and accessories at Jaleja Products, great for trade shows, giveaways, events, corporate functions, and of course, your local basketball tourney.

Make your special order on those basketball-themed t-shirts, hoodies, and accessories you need extra special when you order from online wonder store, Jaleja Products.

Mix and match from all collections to create a fully unified look for an upcoming trade show, event, birthday, basketball tournament, or any special function where standing out from the crowd is a must. Shop early, at https://jalejaproducts2.myspreadshop.com

Customize your basketball-themed items by personalizing them, or by branding them with your team's or company's name and logo. Buy extra inventory to sell at your event and make the very best use of one of the most popular marketing strategies out there: the art of timeless branding.

Jaleja Products has you covered.


Jaleja Products' “Street Store” is a one-stop shop for music-themed, basketball-themed, and woke-themed apparel and accessories. Founded by husband-and-wife team Lekan (LP) and Jacinta Parsons, Jaleja distinguishes itself from other e-tail businesses with affordable, high-quality items imprinted with original sayings, slogans, and designs their customers love.

Here's how Jacinta Parsons explains their brand and their mission:

“We opened our store in 2021, focusing on what we love and what we know best: music, basketball, and raising the collective consciousness around important issues. Our line of special-order basketball clothing and accessories is for everyone who loves the sport and anyone who wants to kick their fashion up by blending the basketball vibe with their everyday look.”


Within their basketball-themed clothing line are t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, hoodies, polo shirts, and matching sets. All clothing is made with 100% cotton, is fairly produced, and is optimized for vibrant, long-lasting imprinted designs and wording. Find which shirt, hoodie, cap, or backpack you like the best, and then customize it in three easy steps directly from Jaleja’s Street Store landing page.

Craft a unique look that tells everyone around you what you and your crew are all about. (It's never been easier.)

You can even order bags, water bottles, mugs, chef’s aprons, and much more. If you're putting together a full kit, this is where you'll find everything you need, along with ideas you might not have even thought about. Prepare to step out lookin' real fine.


In total, Jaleja offers 120 designs across 1,200 items. Venture beyond their basketball lines and take a look at the music-themed items and their U Woke collection. If you're into rap and hip-hop, you're about to be transported to a whole other world.

If expressing your solidarity with issues around racism, greed, xenophobia, and the like is important to you, Jaleja's "U Woke?" line is home to some incredible clothing and items people will notice.


Jaleja is known for its authentic, heart-driven approach, which has resonated most especially with the Gen Zs! That's because Gen Zs are known for prioritizing honesty, transparency, and brands that are authentic. The perfect alignment with what Jaleja is all about.

And as Jaleja continues to model social responsibility, there's been an ironic increase in copycat e-stores - other people trying to benefit from what Lekan and Jacinta have worked so hard to create.

(They don't call the internet the Wild West for nothing...)

It's almost impossible to shut down these types of operations, so Lekan and Jacinta say it's best to confirm the platform you're shopping on. If it doesn't say Jaleja Products Spreadshop, it for real ain't Jaleja Products Street Store.

So, if special order basketball clothing and accessories are what you're looking for, head on over to the legit Jaleja Products e-store and put together the kit that'll shut out all the kits.

Ready to get your game on? Set your sights on a slam dunk with Jaleja! Learn more at https://www.etsy.com/shop/JalejaProducts

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