Windows For Stadium Press Boxes California: Go Gas Strut For Full Visibility

Aug 11, 2023

California’s OpenUp Windows can open up your press box and make your stadium a destination for fans and media alike with their game-changing gas strut windows.

If you’re a stadium manager, you can set the scene for an incredible game with a press box decked out in high-quality innovative gas strut windows from OpenUp.

OpenUp Windows’ new gas strut windows use a seamless integrated opening mechanism that allows them to lift open and stay open at a 90-degree angle. With traditional sliding or hung windows, there will always be glass impeding the sounds and views from your press box. However, OpenUp’s new style of gas strut awning window will allow everything that happens on the field or court to be directly heard, seen and felt in your press box.

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As a recent article in The Guardian described, aside from the court itself, your press box should be the most atmospheric space in your stadium, in which the pleasures and thrills of the game are felt most keenly. OpenUp agrees, and they believe that having journalists, broadcasters, and other media members forced to crane out from one pokey old sliding window is not a good look.

If you want your stadium to become a true sporting destination, OpenUp believes it all begins in your press box, and they are confident that their gas strut windows will completely open up this space, allowing the members of the press inside to feel all the thrilling highlights of a game or match.

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OpenUp will craft your new gas strut stadium press box windows to your exact specifications and you can also customize the color, finish, and more. Depending upon the size of your press box, OpenUp can craft individual windows as large as 35 square feet in size, and can also design a full window solution for you if you need windows on all three sides of your press box.

OpenUp Windows has a boutique factory in New York and has been serving the East Coast community for over 40 years. The bespoke window makers are now proud to also have a West Coast branch so they can work directly with Californian stadium managers like yourself.

A spokesperson for the window designers said, “The OpenUp team has over 4 decades of experience in window design, manufacturing, and installation—serving some of the most innovative companies throughout the United States and Europe. Each gas strut window we craft is precision engineered by computer and built with passion and pride by a member of the team—with the exacting standards of our founder, Ed Page.”

You’ll notice a difference straight away in how the games played in your stadium get covered with a new set of press box windows from OpenUp.

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