Texas Best Pass-Thru Press Box Window Creates Ultimate Views For Sports Stadiums

Aug 14, 2023

OpenUp Windows knows Texas means sport, which is why they have designed a new pass-thru window that will make even the smallest press box a genuine on-the-field experience.

If you want your VIPs, press and sponsors to have the best Friday Night Lights view, you want to create a truly open press box with OpenUp Windows.

OpenUp Windows has created their newest pass-thru window to act as a press box window, one which allows the sights and sounds of the game to be fully enjoyed by all press, family, VIPs and other patrons in your stadium’s press box. OpenUp believes they have set the standard for luxury pass-thru commercial windows, and they are pleased to now be releasing their new model for installation in sports stadiums across Texas.

Go to https://OpenUpWindows.com/ to find out more.

OpenUp Windows has seen that, in most stadiums, large and small, what happens in the press box is an increasingly significant part of any match—and that the right press box can completely elevate the way a game is written about, recorded, and posted on social media.

They have also seen that, most important of all, is the view your press box gives its members. That’s why OpenUp Windows is pleased to be bringing your stadium their innovative gas strut pass-thru window design. Unlike other classic sliding windows, their pass-thru windows can be completely opened up to a 90-degree angle, allowing for full visibility all along the front and sides of your press box, with no obstruction.

You can access more information on their design at https://OpenUpWindows.com/store/

As bespoke window makers, OpenUp is also deeply invested in the quality of each window they produce and they use luxury materials like Accoya® wood and extruded aluminum to give you a high-end finish.

OpenUp Windows will create your new window to your exact specifications and they can help you if you are looking to replace an existing window or windows by liaising directly with your architect and/or contractor. All of their windows come with a 10-year full warranty and an additional 40-year warranty on the Accoya® wood frame. They can be made, shipped and installed in as little as 4-6 weeks.

A spokesperson for the window designers and manufacturers said, “An OpenUp gas strut pass-thru window will integrate the indoors and outdoors, and the playing field and the press box—for any sports stadium. OpenUp’s windows create an opportunity for not only spectacular views of the playing field or court, but more connection and socialization between players, press, sponsors and other stakeholders.”

If you want the press box in your stadium to be a true vantage point, you need a pass-thru window from OpenUp Windows.

Visit https://OpenUpWindows.com/features/ if you’re ready to start talking to their passionate design team.

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