The Best School Press Boxes In California Use These Sustainable Service Windows

Aug 15, 2023

When your California school has the best sports team, you need the best press box for optimal coverage. Get a sustainable service window from OpenUp Windows, and make sure your journalists and photographers never miss a thing.

When you think about your school's sports events, the press box probably isn't what springs to mind first, but when you consider how important full and professional coverage is to the game, and what having a comfortable, ventilated, high visibility area can mean for your school's reputation, ensuring the press box is up to standard is pretty significant.

That's why OpenUp Windows, pioneers of 2Fold Technology® for commercial and residential gas strut awning windows is bringing its engineering expertise to institutions of higher education. They've expanded their product line to include press box service windows that take the category to a whole other level. And you can get in on this.

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Football, basketball, baseball, and soccer are some of the most popular high school and university sports programs in the US, and therefore require professional coverage. To help you provide a press box area that offers enhanced visibility, ventilation, comfort, and seamless communication, OpenUp Windows now offers a line of press box service windows that open to a 90-degree angle with a simple tap and come in a full range of sizes.

“Gas strut service windows can be highly beneficial as service windows for school press boxes in California for several reasons,” says a spokesperson for OpenUp Windows. “Not only do we swear by founder Ed Page’s expert engineering and signature technology, but we also offer a variety of glass options to suit all different geographical climates.”

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Ed devoted his 40-plus years of window design and engineering expertise toward creating the standard glass package and customizable high-performance glass packages that distinguish an OpenUp awning window.

Standard OpenUp service windows come with 1-inch insulated glass made of two windowpanes separated by a spacer. This air pocket offers extra insulation, preventing heat from escaping through the windows in colder months. An electrolytically applied Low-e coating offers full UV protection during the warmer months, and can be upgraded to a double or triple coating for extra sunny climates.

Page’s 2Fold Technology combines custom extruded aluminum sash and frame exterior with sustainable, high-tech Accoya® wood sash and frame interior for a durable, long-lasting window that is weather, pest, and termite resistant. Gas struts on either jam give you a super smooth open and close performance while a single locking lever easily seals your window at both ends.

With a customized service window, you can create a press box with enhanced weather protection and the versatility your sports journalists need when covering your games. The windows offer an unobstructed panoramic view of sporting events while their flip-out design provides enhanced space and optimal ventilation.

With this extraordinary line of sustainable service windows, OpenUp Windows is here to provide you with a practical and efficient sports coverage solution your journalists will love, and your audiences will appreciate.

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