Volume & Versatility In Iowa: The Science of Gusset Dimension in Pouch Design

Apr 17, 2024

Are you looking for best-in-class gusset bag packaging machinery that balances volume with versatility? You’ll find a lineup of options at leading Iowa packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions provider Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850).

Be the first in your industry to put the versatility and practicality offered by gusset bags to work for you for improved packaging efficiencies, better storage, and eye-catching branding that can lead to higher sales.

Pack & Inspect Group in Iowa represents world-class vertical form and fill sealing machinery (VFFS) and rotary pouch packaging machinery that pairs science and technology for gusset bag dimensions that balance volume and versatility, perfectly.

Get a rundown of the latest innovations by contacting Pack & Inspect Group today at https://www.pack-inspect.com/products


In today’s competitive marketplace, gusset bags, known for their expandable sides and optimal storage capacity, have become indispensable to manufacturers in industries ranging from foods, snacks, and beverages to those in the medical product and pharmaceutical sectors.

Maybe you're one of them, and you've been looking for the answer to improved operations through more contemporary technologies.

As representatives of packaging solutions that include rotary premade bag packaging by the Junapack brand, and VFFS machinery by UVA Packaging, Pack & Inspect Group can help you streamline your packaging operations for higher outputs and, ultimately, better profit margins.

Offering strength, durability, and ample space for brand identity, gusset bags are a packaging solution many of today’s manufacturers seek - especially if you're switching over from traditional flat packaging.

Make sure you're a leader in this revolutionary approach to distinct and practical packaging by partnering with the experts at Pack & Inspect Group.

Here's what a spokesperson for the company wants you to know:

“The most distinguishing feature that characterizes gusset bag pouch design is their expandable sides. This blend of volume and versatility enables businesses to package bulky items, liquids, and powders more efficiently, leading to reduced packaging costs and an item on store shelving that stands out from the rest.”


Pack & Inspect Group offers gusset bag solutions developed with an excellent understanding of market requirements, and technologies geared toward your goals and objectives.

For instance, there's UVA Packaging, a division of the Dutch VDL Group. UVA offers a line of VFFS packaging machinery ideal for standard and customized gusset pouch design. The company’s design and technology teams include experts in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software development who continually strive to offer leading innovations in efficiency and flexibility. Many of these innovations can be added to the “installed base” of a machine as a retrofit - unique in today’s packaging market and great for the cost efficiencies you need.

Next-generation intermittent rotary fill and seal pouch machines from Junapack also come with value-added features for improved package performance. Junapack is known for its patented ‘no jam’ pouch feeder which ensures pouches are delivered in the upright position to prevent spills and wasted product.


If you're looking for the best way to optimize your company's gusset bag utility, Pack & Inspect Group represents machinery that has volume and versatility down to a science. With over 100 years' combined experience in the industry, you just can't do any better than Pack & Inspect Group.

Reach out now to discuss your packaging goals so Pack & Inspect Group can make them a reality. Learn more at https://www.pack-inspect.com

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