Iowa Packaging Equipment Supplier Offers Horizontal & Vertical Pouch Machinery

Apr 24, 2024

If you need more flexible, reliable packaging machinery for your agricultural products, look no further than the F&B packaging, inspection, and conveying experts at Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) in Dubuque, Iowa. They offer both vertical and horizontal fill-and-seal machinery that covers many product types.

No matter what kind of agricultural product you need to package – whether it be seeds, water-soluble fertilizers, liquid pesticides, or livestock feed supplements – Pack & Inspect Group has a solution that will get the job done in record time and with minimal or no spills or mishaps. Your product will arrive fresh and whole on the market, ready for use in “America’s Breadbasket” – the rolling fields of farms all over the great Midwest.

Pack & Inspect Group offers seamless, trustworthy packaging solutions that are flexible enough to handle all these agricultural products and more. See their full range of offerings at

On this page, you can browse the company's wide array of food, beverage, and pharmaceutical handling technologies, including vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) packaginghorizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) pouch-making, and horizontal fill-and-seal (HFS) pouch sealing machinery. With these technologies, you can:

  • enhance your company's production and packaging efficiencies,
  • better protect and preserve your products, and
  • meet consumer expectations for convenient, durable packaging.

A Packaging Solution for Every Need

If your company provides common foods like grains, produce, dairy products, and snack foods, it's absolutely imperative that you maintain efficient packaging and production processes to consistently deliver to the market. Pack & Inspect Group understands these demands, and they offer a full range of F&B packaging services to help Midwest agricultural producers like you maintain stellar production rates and high product quality.

Enjoy High-Speed, Versatile VFFS Baggers

The company’s VFFS baggers from UVA Packaging, a global industry leader, are versatile enough to accommodate agricultural products of many shapes and sizes, including grains, powders, and produce. The machines are also capable of rapid changeover between pouch and bag styles, allowing you to bag multiple product types with minimal delay.

HFFS Pouch Machines Provide the Right Shape & Size

If your company produces processed, individual, or small-scale use agricultural products - like seeds or livestock vitamins - you stand to benefit from Pack & Inspect Group’s HFFS pouch machinery from industry leader EFFYTEC. With this type of technology, you can produce pouches of uniform size and shape for items like snack foods and dried fruit, and enhance their presentation and shelf appeal as well.

Benefit from Robust, Cost-Effective HFS Pouch-Sealers

The company also offers HFS pouch-sealing machinery, which may be a robust, cost-effective packaging option for you, especially if your company produces agricultural products that are precisely dosed and require secure containment. HFS pouch-sealing machines offer precise, efficient applications that protect liquid, water-soluble, and powdered products.

The Midwest's Packaging Leader

Pack & Inspect Group has over 100 years of combined experience in the F&B packaging industry, with representatives spanning Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. They proudly represent the Midwest’s top brands in the packaging, inspection, and product handling industries.

A representative said: “We provide local expertise in the Upper Midwest to assist you in the selection and implementation of solutions, including X-ray inspection, metal detection, checkweighing, leak detection, fill level verification, and conveying solutions.”

Ever-Expanding Offerings

When it comes to packaging solutions, Pack & Inspect Group has something for everyone. Their product range covers three categories - product inspection, packaging, and conveying - and over a dozen applications, and their arsenal of solutions is constantly being updated and expanded.

So, if you're looking for top-of-the-line technology to meet and exceed your packaging and productivity goals, get in touch with a Pack & Inspect Group representative today! Learn more at

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