Rotary Bagger Efficiency In Iowa: VFFS Systems Offer Minimal Changeover Time

May 3, 2024

Looking for vertical form-fill-and-seal (VFFS) rotary baggers with minimal changeover times and maximum efficiency at every stage of the pouch packaging process? Look no further than the VFFS machines available from Iowa’s F&B packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions experts, Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850).

Shaving minutes off your rotary baggers’ changeover times could lead to big cumulative changes in your company’s overall efficiency, productivity, and revenue-generating potential. Upgrading your rotary baggers to minimize changeover times frees up more time for all-important production processes and boosts your throughput and operational efficiency. These time savings, in turn, allow your company to meet demand more efficiently.

Start that beneficial chain reaction today with Pack & Inspect Group’s VFFS machines from UVA Packaging, a global leader in the vertical form-fill-and-seal industry. You can learn more about them here:

Get More Done in Less Time with Effective Equipment

Pack & Inspect Group's product line of nine models offers you considerable flexibility in producing various pouch and bag styles and in handling a range of product designs. Their ability to rapidly switch between multiple pouch and product types with minimum waste or delay will enhance your operational efficiencyreduce downtime, and boost your overall output.

VFFS Rotary Baggers: Lean, Mean, Minimum-Waste Machines

If you're considering acquiring a VFFS rotary bagger, there are good reasons for doing so. Rotary bagger systems remain a favorite piece of equipment in the food and beverage processing industries due to their high-speed operationrobust design, and efficient material usage. The machines are often built for continuous operation in large-scale production environments with minimal material waste.

The Incredibly High-Speed Lima C Series

Pack & Inspect Group's UVA Packaging VFFS baggers build on these considerable benefits. The popular Lima C Series, for example, is capable of processing pillow bags at an incredible rate, up to 200 per minute, and it can also process up to 140 block bottom bags per minute. In addition, the machines' continuous motion technology permits higher operational speeds than those of intermittent motion systems, resulting in higher throughput and productivity.

Double Your Output with the Lima Twinner

With the Lima Twinner, you get a dual-lane version of the Lima C Series that's capable of producing double the output on 42-inch lane centers and processing seven different bag styles. Its servo motors provide precise control over film feeding, sealing, cutting, and pouch forming, ensuring consistent product quality and cutting down material waste.

Easily Store & Recall Recipes with Servo Control

Pack & Inspect Group knows the great difference servo control can make in VFFS changeover speeds. This feature lets you store multiple preset recipes in the machine’s control system, so when your operators change products or pouch sizes, they can bring up the correct recipe with just the push of a button - no manual adjustments or calibrations necessary. The Lima C series is compatible with machine control by Siemens or Allen-Bradley.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group brings you over 100 years of combined industry experience, and they have representatives across Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska. They represent the Midwest’s top brands in the food and beverage packaging industries, providing expert guidance to help clients choose the technologies and products that will best satisfy their needs.

Make Your Dreams a Reality with Pack & Inspect Group

Imagine where your company would be in terms of its operational efficiency, productivity, and revenue generation if you had VFFS baggers with changeover times of only 10 to 30 minutes. Or how about 5 minutes or less? Pack & Inspect Group is here to help you turn those dreams into a reality!

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