US Firms Can Source Side Gusset Pouch/Duplex Operation Machines At This Supplier

May 16, 2024

If you want to expand your rotary baggers’ pouch and product processing range, you may need to invest in more versatile machines. Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) has rotary baggers that are both versatile and capable of operating at high speeds, with patented no-jam technology.

If you’re looking to widen the kinds of pouches and products your horizontal fill-and-seal (HFS) machinery can process, Pack & Inspect Group in Iowa has some of the best technology in the industry that can help you achieve your goals. With faster, more versatile HFS rotary baggers, you can widen your market reach, customer base, and business growth potential.

You can check out the latest models at

On behalf of Jupack in South Korea, Pack & Inspect Group offers rotary fill-and-seal pre-made pouch technologies to Midwest companies like yours in search of robust, cost-effective, next-generation packaging solutions.

The Benefits of Working with Junapack

Jupack brings its 40 years of industry experience to North America under the brand name Junapack. Thanks to Pack & Inspect Group's partnership with the company’s North American headquarters in De Pere, Wisconsin, you can enjoy:

  • highly cost-effective use of your capital,
  • high-quality customer support, and
  • the cutting-edge designs of their machinery.

Work with Experts Who Know the Industry's Very Best

“Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 combined years of experience in the food and beverage packaging industries to represent the Midwest’s premier brands for packaging, inspection, and product handling,” a company spokesperson says. “We guide companies to agile, sustainable solutions that deliver improved performance to the end user, whether our client is small or large, closer to the farm or the fork, whatever their product or package is.”

Pack & Inspect Group’s partnership with Junapack offers you the latest value-added features in rotary fill-and-seal machinery. Their newest models include the Spout Pouch Fill & Seal, Side Gusset Pouches, and Duplex Operation machines.

Enjoy Smooth, High-Speed Operations

The Spout Pouch Fill & Seal machine is capable of filling and sealing spouted pouches at a rate of up to 80 per minute. Its captured cam drive system allows for smooth, high-speed operations and is low-maintenance.

A Long-Lasting, Low-Maintenance Gripper Design

Both the Side Gusset Pouches and Duplex Operation machines feature a patented “no-jam” pouch feeder that reliably delivers pouches in an upright position to the pouch grippers.

The grippers' sanitary, cylindrical design gives them exceptional strength, encasing and protecting them and making the machine easier to clean. The design also protects the gripper springs from product spills and cleaning chemicals, increasing their operational longevity and decreasing maintenance costs.

The machines' gripper mechanisms are also longer-lived than most other brands of rotary baggers due to the design of the mechanical linear actuators that open and close the grippers, which puts less stress on the gripper group.

High Flexibility in Pouch Designs & Product Types

The Side Gusset Pouches machine can package a wide range of products with varying densities, such as coffee beans, ground coffee, flour, nuts, detergent powder, and seasoning powder. The Duplex Operation machine, on the other hand, can handle many different pouch styles via dual-lane input and output, at a rate of up to 100 pouches per minute.

With representatives spanning Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, Pack & Inspect Group represents industry-leading machinery manufacturers, like Junapack, and can deliver the expertise you need to meet your unique needs.

At Pack & Inspect Group, you'll find an array of efficient, cost-effective HFS solutions capable of processing many different pouch designs and products of varied densities.

Get "a grip" on your HFS production goals with Pack & Inspect Group! Get in touch with a representative today at

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