Nebraska F&B Supplier Offers X-Ray Machines For Hard-To-Detect Contaminants

May 15, 2024

Get the best in X-ray inspection technologies when you partner with Nebraska’s experts, Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850), leaders in food, beverage, and product packaging, inspection, and conveying solutions.

If you're a food or product manufacturer, defective items making it to market with your name on them is probably the stuff of your nightmares. Make sure your products are thoroughly inspected using the latest in X-ray technologies available through Pack & Inspect Group.

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Pack & Inspect Group is Nebraska's supplier of Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray technologies which now allow for enhanced detection of softer and smaller contaminants like rubber, plastics, rocks, and stones before your products leave the factory.

With over 100 combined years of experience in packing, inspection, and product handling, Pack & Inspect Group is here to help you find the tailored, most cost-effective solution to your operational needs.


X-ray scanning allows for non-invasive inspection of your products to ensure quality. These preventive measures minimize the risk of recalls and food contaminants and can mean the difference between your products being recognized for reliable excellence and their being questioned or distrusted by consumers.

As representatives of the Mettler Toledo line of X-ray inspection machinery, Pack & Inspect Group can meet a broad range of needs within all segments of the manufacturing sector, and they're here to help you with yours.

A company spokesperson explains:

“Mettler Toledo Safeline is a global market leader in the field of X-ray inspection systems for foreign material and package integrity. Their new family of dual-energy X-ray systems can scan for tinier contaminants in more difficult applications.”


Some of the applications Mettler Toledo Safeline X-ray systems can be used for include packaged products involving:

  • bags, 
  • pouches, 
  • cartons, 
  • thermoformed packages, 
  • glass jars, 
  • PET bottles, and 
  • steel and aluminum cans. 

They are ideal for:

  • individual or bulk flow unpackaged products
  • foods service bulk items 
  • pumped meats, slurries, pastes, and sauces, and 
  • multi-lane applications.

Safeline X-ray machinery is backed by Metter Toledo's network of field service technicians and offers iPac professional installation and machine calibration for ready-for-production equipment complete with documentation.

Examples of the Mettler Toledo X-ray models Pack & Inspect Group carries include the X34 series with automated setup and enhanced sensitivities; a highly configurable X36 series offering a range of high-performance capabilities and speeds in excess of 320’ per minute; and the X37 series for high-speed performance with tall and rigid containers.

In the market for X-ray inspection technologies capable of detecting metal, glass, rocks, calcified bone, and other tiny materials? What about simultaneous inspection checks for product integrity and quality? Pack & Inspect Group has you covered.

Partner with Pack & Inspect Group for the types of equipment best suited to your needs and operational goals. You're in good hands when you turn your needs over to these industry experts. 

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