Illinois F&B Supplier Offers Dual-Energy X-Ray Systems For Best Quality Control

May 17, 2024

If you’re looking to upgrade your Illinois F&B company’s quality control, the packaging and inspection experts at Pack & Inspect Group (855-232-1850) have a solution – dual-energy X-ray inspection machines with enhanced soft-contaminant detection capabilities.

Imagine a customer cracking a tooth on a contaminant that found its way into your food product. If they report it, there goes your customers’ trust and your brand reputation, with lawsuits and inspections likely to follow!

If scenarios like this keep you awake at night, maybe it’s time to upgrade your quality control protocols. Pack & Inspect Group’s dual-energy X-ray food inspection machines offer just such a solution that will help you sleep better at night and protect your customers from product flaws. You can check out some examples of these machines and their cutting-edge features here:

Get the Very Best Machinery in the Industry

The company’s family of X-ray systems is sourced from Mettler Toledo Safeline, a long-time global leader in the metal detection industry and the X-ray inspection market for the food and beverage processing and packaging industries. The systems’ dual-energy capacities allow them to detect softer contaminants - like rubber, plastic, rocks, and stones - with minimum false rejects, even in difficult applications.

X-ray inspection of food products allows for precise quality control without damaging the products’ integrity or quality. X-ray machines can detect incorrect fill levels in packages, as well as missing, broken, or malformed product components. With the superior level of quality control that Mettler Toledo’s Safeline X-ray machines deliver, you can rest assured that your customers will receive only the highest-quality products that satisfy their expectations and that keep your brand reputation in good, or better, standing.

Partner with Bona Fide Experts

Mettler Toledo is the latest of the premier brands that Pack & Inspect Group represents in the packaging, inspection, and product handling industries. Better yet, Pack & Inspect Group brings over 100 combined years of industry experience to guide Midwest manufacturers like you to the custom, cost-effective solutions to best meet your needs.

Expand Your Product & Package Repertoire

You can employ Mettler Toledo’s Safeline X-ray models in a wide range of applications involving many kinds of packaged products, including:

  • bags,
  • pouches,
  • cartons,
  • thermoformed packages,
  • glass jars, and
  • steel or aluminum cans.

You can also use the models for applications involving:

  • individual or bulk flow unpackaged products;
  • food service and bulk ingredient bags;
  • liquid and semi-liquid products like pumped meats, slurries, pastes, and sauces;
  • blister packs; and
  • multiple lanes.

With Pack & Inspect Group, you'll have a range of X-ray inspection models to choose from, including the X34 series, with automated set-up and enhanced sensitivities; the high-performance, highly configurable X36 series, capable of speeds over 320 feet per minute; and the X37 series for processing taller, rigid containers at the highest speeds.

You're Covered with Multiple Support Sources

You'll also be able to enjoy the support of Mettler Toledo’s national field service technician network and iPac support paradigm. You can get additional support through their five-year X-ray generator warranty with standard and comprehensive service contracts.

A Pack & Inspect Group representative says:

“We’re proud to offer Mettler Toledo’s industry-leading BasicCare, StandardCare, ComprehensiveCare, and ExtendedCare service agreement options. These contracts provide extended warranties and 100% predictable cost of ownership assurance.”

For the best in X-ray inspection efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as superior quality control, consumer protection, and brand reputation maintenance - not to mention better sleep at night! - you can't top the industry experts at Pack & Inspect Group.

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