Solving Dental Problems With Veneers & Aligners: Which Is Best For Gaps

May 6, 2024

If you have crooked teeth, overbites, minor crowding, or other dental issues, Dr. Catrise Austin’s new book will help you decide whether porcelain veneers or clear aligners are the better solution for you.

The decision between veneers and clear aligners typically comes down to whether your dental problems are orthodontic or cosmetic. But, in many cases these issues overlap, making it hard to figure out what type of dental care you need. This is why “Porcelain Veneers vs. Clear Aligners: Your Guide to a Picture-Perfect Smile” is the ultimate resource.

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A Roadmap To A Picture-Perfect Smile

Written by renowned cosmetic dentistry specialist and best-selling author Dr. Catrise Austin, “Porcelain Veneers vs. Clear Aligners” is both an essential guide for those looking to fix teeth imperfections or mild to moderate orthodontic issues, and a personal story that shows you Dr. Austin's 20-year journey with porcelain veneers, clear aligners, and other dental care solutions.

Informed by her long career in cosmetic dentistry and her personal experiences, Dr. Austin gives you a practical roadmap for improving the quality of your smile.

“I’ll share with you my years of experience with an imperfect and then…a picture-perfect smile,” said Dr. Austin, “I’ll bring my professional expertise to the table and enlighten you on the modern treatments available to you today.”

Is Your Dental Problem Orthodontic Or Cosmetic?

"Porcelain Veneers vs. Clear Aligners" gives you a side-by-side comparison of the two dental care solutions, making it easier for you to decide which one is better for your specific needs.

Porcelain veneers are more suitable for cosmetic dental issues, solving a wide variety of problems like discolorations, gaps, gummy smiles, and crooked, chipped, uneven or oddly shaped teeth. On the other hand, clear aligners are more permanent solutions to orthodontic dental issues like overbites, underbites, overjets, minor crowding, and more.

The book also talks about the practical challenges you may face during your search for quality dental care, including financial costs, insurance, and common myths regarding veneers and aligners.

“This comprehensive guide will help you understand the differences between porcelain veneers and clear aligners. Together, we'll explore everything you need to know about these two dental services, including the pros and cons, ultimately empowering you to make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle and unique smile journey,” said Dr. Austin.

Boost Your Confidence With A Beautiful, Healthy Smile

Dr. Catrise Austin has promoted oral care globally for over 25 years as a cosmetic dental care specialist, a best-selling author, and a speaker. Throughout her career, she has worked with celebrities such as Cardi B, Anthony Anderson, and Common.

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