How AmerAsian Reunion Event At Meridian Convention Center Inspires Greensboro

May 18, 2024

Looking for the best venue in Greensboro, NC, to host your reunion? Meridian Convention Center has you covered – just ask the AmerAsian Community reunion organizers!

If you’ve stepped up to organize an event, firstly, bravo: this isn’t for the faint of heart and we salute your confidence in your organizational skills. Secondly, O M G: what have we gotten ourselves into?! 

Let Meridian Convention Center take the stress out of planning your event at

The Trials Of Our Reunion   

First you’ve got to get the date and then the numbers right… then allow for all those who cancel and all those who say they’re not coming and then show up anyway. Oh and that one person who always brings “just a few” extra people.

So you’ve got the numbers, great. Where are we going to find a venue big enough to put everyone?! That’s actually affordable? In Greensboro? 

Oh and don’t forget that we need to find somewhere that will let you work with outside catering. Your fellow attendees would just lose it if they didn’t get those nostalgic dishes that bring back all the memories with just a few mouthfuls. 

Thankfully, I found just the place: The Meridian Convention Center.

My Inspiration? The AmerAsian Community Reunion!    

OK, I hear you. You’re thinking they’re just for weddings or big business promo events? Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The AmerAsian Community of NC held their reunion event there and, honestly, it was everything I could have hoped for for our own event!

The AmerAsian Community reunion was held in the Meridian’s Seville Ballroom: an elegant, 8,200 square-foot venue which can host over 250 guests for a banquet seating and up to 500 people for a theatre-style staging. The AmerAsian reunion organizers opted for the former set-up allowing for a more relaxed social meal (with outside catering!), as well as space for a band to perform during the event. Oh, memo to me: book the band!

The entire event set-up and clean-up was organized by the Meridian Convention Center (love a venue that lends a helping hand!), taking the stress off of everyone involved in the reunion. Meridian provided gold banquet chairs to compliment the mix of long and round tables requested by the AmerAsian Community. They also provided some atmospheric touches with customizable up-lighting and assistance in the set-up of the photo backdrop which the event organizers positioned on the stage. This allowed attendees to capture some magical photographic memories of the event.

Honestly, it’s such an inspiration – my imagination is running wild!

Meridian Convention Center   

And with Meridian Convention Center as our chosen venue, having an ambitious imagination is no trouble at all! They have six splendid ballrooms for hire and a whole host of special extras: think tables, chairs, linens, mood lighting, backdrops, as well as early access for rehearsals, sound checks, and catering. From planning to post-event clean-up, their team is with you every step of the way! 

So, if – like me – you think you’ve found the best venue for your reunion event, check out all the info for yourself at

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