Luxury Wellness Retreats At Affordable Rates With Price Checks on Secret Site

May 18, 2024

Summer is the perfect time for a wellness reset, with fewer deadlines and more time to breathe. But comparison shopping and exorbitant prices don’t exactly contribute to your relaxation. Travorium, a little-known travel site, announces new pre-planned packages for health-conscious adults planning wellness trips.

After a Spring jam-packed with deadlines and commitments, you're probably sick and tired of being sick and tired. A wellness retreat sounds like the perfect way to reset for summer. But the prices you found just added another level of stress to your day.

You really need a getaway. But you really need to stick to your budget, too. Could Travorium help you do both? The little-known travel site offers customers luxury wellness resort packages, excursions, rental cars, and more at rates normally only available to travel agents. 

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A Return To Health

Whether due to better weather or lighter schedules, summer is a big season for fitness goals, according to 360 Magazine. And experts say prioritizing mental health is just as important as physical health. Increased amounts of summer sunlight help reduce depression caused by seasonal affective disorder, but decreased routine and structure can also trigger other mood-related challenges.

A wellness retreat can be a great way to reset both your mind and body, but the high price tag may raise your stress even higher. Still, healthy options like yoga instruction and healthy food don’t come cheap. With Travorium, however, you can book wellness retreats and other holidays at prices typically reserved only for travel agents.

Better Financial Health

Many well-known travel booking sites are known to inflate their prices to increase their bottom line. But Travorium cuts unnecessary fees and other costs to offer customers members-only prices. Some pay up to 70 percent off retail for resorts, cruises, rental cars, excursions, and more.

Travorium works with resorts, hotels, and other travel-related businesses in more than 2,000 destinations worldwide. One partner resort in Bali offers access to its spa, gardens, and whirlpool. Offerings in Florence, Italy, include a resort at the juncture of two peaceful family farms. Domestic options are also available.

Reduce Your Stress

The company’s done-for-you packages eliminate the time and stress of researching and determining the most cost-effective choices. Travorium’s pre-planned options help you avoid paying too much, and they have the price comparisons to prove it.

Travorium’s unique business model lets you earn money from anywhere in the world using your mobile devices. As a member, you earn points to buy down prices on travel as your network grows.

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