HFFS Machines With Hang-Hole Pouch Design To Enhance Handling Efficiency

Apr 29, 2024

Interested in the benefits hang-holes can bring to your rotary bagging processes? Pack & Inspect Group in Nebraska (855-232-1850) has the technology you’re looking for – horizontal form-fill-and-seal (HFFS) machines with hang-hole capabilities that boost the efficiency of pouch designs and production processes.

Hang-Holes Could Be Your Brand's Ace in the Hole

If you’re considering incorporating hang-hole capabilities into your F&B packaging processes, there are lots of good reasons to do so. Hang-holes make eye-catching pouch designs and logos more visible to shoppers while creating a clean, minimalist effect that doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of the design. Alternatively, hang-holes can also be used to prominently display branded elements, like logos or colors, to boost your brand recognition. You can incorporate hang-holes into different types of pouches, too, for a consistent effect across multiple product lines.

The F&B processing and packaging solutions experts at Pack & Inspect Group can help you choose hang-hole technologies with benefits you can hang your hat on – as well as your product. Check out their line of horizontal form-fill-and-seal (HFFS) machines at https://www.pack-inspect.com/hffs

Work with Seasoned Industry Veterans

Guided by over 100 years of combined industry experience, Pack & Inspect Group has partnered with Effytec, leaders in the horizontal pouch machinery industry with over 30 years of experience. Pack & Inspect Group offers 14 different models of HFFS rotary baggers with capabilities covering a wide range of products and industries, including food, cosmetics, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Cut Production Time & Costs

Using HFFS machines with direct hang-hole perforation capabilities in your packaging processes can reduce production time and costs. The HB-16 Intermittent Motion machine, for example, contains coordinated perforator photocells and a bottom perforating punch. The photocells provide precise positioning information, while the bottom perforating punch makes the hang-hole based on this information. Together, the two parts allow for efficient and reliable hang-hole perforation.

Enjoy Consistent Product Designs & Product Quality

This consistent and precise hang-hole placement keeps your products uniform across batches and gives you consistent product quality, too. Pack & Inspect Group’s Effytec HFFS machines are designed to maintain consistency across many different pouch designs, like stand-up, gusset, zipper, and flat pouches, as well as those with top or corner valves.

All Pack & Inspect Group Effytec HFFS machines are able to process simplex, duplex, triplex, or quadruplex sachets with Euro holes. With versatility like that, you can incorporate hang-holes across various product lines without disrupting packaging aesthetics.

About Pack & Inspect Group

Pack & Inspect Group’s representatives span Northern Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska, helping Midwest F&B processing and packaging companies like yours to increase their operational efficiency and productivity with the industry's best technologies. They offer over a dozen solutions to optimize product inspection, packaging, and conveyance.

A company representative said: “At Pack & Inspect Group, we represent the premier brands in the industry for packaging, inspection, and product handling in the Midwest. We provide expertise to guide you through the process of determining both the technology and product that best satisfy your needs, whatever they be.”

If you want the advantage of the best hang-hole technology to enhance the efficiency of your pouch designs and aesthetics, as well as your rotary bagger's handling efficiency, get in touch with a Pack & Inspect Group representative today!

Get the hang of hang-hole technology and start boosting your operational efficiency at https://www.pack-inspect.com/hffs

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