Moving House With Antiques & Heirlooms: Guide To Secure Packaging & Transport

May 16, 2024

If you’re planning to move house but don’t know how to get your antiques there safely, check out Move Me Smart’s new guide to securely packaging and transporting antiques.

While antiques and heirlooms add character to your home, they can also present unique challenges when moving houses. To help you get your antiques to your new home safely, Move Me Smart’s guide to securely packaging and transporting antiques explains the best packaging materials to use and provides tips on securing items during transport.

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Packaging Materials

When packing antique items, the guide explains it is important to choose the right packaging materials. Using soft, acid-free paper for wrapping is recommended to prevent chemical damage and scratches. Furthermore, you should use sturdy double-walled boxes to reduce the risk of boxes breaking during transport.

Additionally, the guide notes that some types of packaging materials should be avoided. For instance, you should not wrap antiques in newspaper as it can leave ink stains and harm fragile surfaces. Packing peanuts should also be avoided as they often draw dust by creating static.

Step-By-Step Packing Instructions

The guide also provides step-by-step instructions on how to pack antiques securely. You should begin by carefully examining your antiques and noting any existing damage or weak spots. Then, the antiques should be wrapped in acid-free paper before being wrapped again in bubble wrap for padding. Finally, the wrapping should be secured with high-quality packing tape while taking care to ensure the tape does not touch the antiques directly.

Secure Transport

After securely wrapping the antiques, you will need to consider your options for safe transportation. If you are moving locally with only a small number of fragile items, it may be possible to transport the antiques by car as long as they can be secured within your vehicle. However, the guide recommends enlisting a professional moving company, especially if you are traveling a long distance with many fragile items.

To help find the right company to assist, the guide provides numerous tips for selecting a trustworthy transporter. For example, you should ask the company about their insurance coverage to ensure it is high enough to cover all of your valuable items. In addition, it is recommended to thoroughly research the company’s track record with handling and transporting antiques before engaging them.

Common Mistakes

The guide also outlines common mistakes made when transporting antiques to help you avoid incidents. “Frequent errors include not giving enough importance to adequate padding, applying tape directly on the antiques’ surface, and picking boxes that are too big, which lets items move while in transit,” explains the guide.

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