St Heliers Dental Hygiene Treatment: Remove Plaque & Tartar to Prevent Cavities

Apr 30, 2024

Auckland, NZ – Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers – 09 585 0205 – helps you keep your teeth happy and healthy by offering pain-free dental hygiene services!

Get Auckland's Cleanest Mouth at Natural Smiles

Have you noticed that your gums are looking a bit redder than usual? Or that your teeth are getting a bit yellow? Then it's time you book an appointment for a deep cleaning at Dr. Dave Richard's clinic, Natural Smiles, in St Heliers!

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By offering dental hygiene treatments, Dr. Richards and his team want to help you remove tartar and plaque build-up in time to reduce the risk of oral health issues like cavities and gum diseases.

Pain-Free, Non-Invasive Dental Hygiene Treatment

Natural Smiles advocates minimally invasive and preventative oral care and encourages you to book an appointment with a dental hygienist at least once a year to prevent the need for any major procedures. The clinic utilises the latest technology on the dental market and offers EMS Airflow, a tool that allows for the removal of plaque and tartar without painful scraping.

"Dental hygiene treatments prevent tartar build-up that can cause tooth decay. It also helps you to avoid gingivitis and periodontitis, which are bacterial gum diseases that are hard to detect until they are advanced and could potentially cause lasting damage to your gums and teeth," a spokesperson for the company said.

New Zealand's Oral Health Crisis

According to a 2021 article by North & South Magazine, New Zealand had a nationwide oral health crisis, with 274,000 adults and 32,000 children having to extract one or more teeth in 2019 because of infection, decay, or an abscess. Furthermore, 50% of all adults had indications of gum disease, a concerning number considering prolonged issues are linked with diseases like Alzheimer's and heart disease. These statistics underline the need for regular visits with a dental hygienist. >>Get more information on how to prevent gum disease at:

Deep Cleaning, Down To the Root

While a thorough oral care routine at home is your best chance of maintaining healthy teeth, there are places that even those who floss every day don't reach. The EMS Airflow technology offered by Natural Smiles gets down as deep as the root without causing discomfort. After the deep cleaning has been performed, the dental hygienist will discuss any issues found and potentially suggest improvements that can be made to your daily routine to improve your oral health.

In addition to dental hygiene services, Dr. Richards offers a range of dental services at his St Heliers clinic, including general dentistry and cosmetic treatments.

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