Best Same-Day Crowns In St Heliers Using CEREC For Damaged Or Discoloured Teeth

Apr 30, 2024

Auckland, NZ – Dr Dave Richards – Dentist St Heliers – 09 585 0205 – If you have damaged, decaying, or discoloured teeth, Natural Smile Dental St. Heliers can create and fit you with natural-looking custom dental crowns, all on the same day!

If you find yourself hiding your smile because of teeth damage or discolouration, high-quality dental crowns are a great way to get you flashing your pearly whites with confidence!

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Natural Smile Cares About Your Teeth & YOU

Dr Dave Richards and the expert team at Natural Smile Dental are proud to offer residents of St. Heliers and surrounding communities a minimally invasive option for improving the appearance and structure of their smiles!

A dental crown is a full-tooth restoration that covers the discolouration, decay, or other visible damage on the existing tooth. While dental crowns often require two appointments with patients needing to wear a temporary crown between sittings, Natural Smile can fit you with a permanent dental crown in a single appointment!

At Natural Smile, your dental crowns can be coloured to perfectly match your surrounding teeth, making the restoration look natural and not distracting. The practice's team can even use high-quality porcelain paints to recreate unique patterns, shades, and markings on your teeth for a highly detailed match that will have you feeling great about your smile.

Natural Smile Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

When creating a patient's unique dental crown, Natural Smile uses computer-aided technology called CEREC - Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic.

With this technology, the practice can generate your dental crowns with greater precision and in much less time than was recently possible. Using CEREC also allows Natural Smile to create custom dental crowns at a lower cost, making entire the restoration process more affordable for YOU.

Natural Smile uses dental crowns made from sturdy ceramic, which will also serve to strengthen your bite and improve your chewing efficacy. As a matter of fact, its dental crowns are four times stronger than natural teeth and are stain-resistant, making them a perfect long-term and even permanent solution to tooth damage!

If you're struggling with damaged or decaying teeth, book your appointment with Dr Dave Richards at Natural Smile Dental to get a permanent, custom dental crown created and fitted on the same day! Learn more by visiting

About Natural Smile Dental

The clinic's founder, Dr Dave Richards, is a dental surgeon with Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Dental Surgery degrees. He is an active member of the New Zealand Dental Association, the New Zealand Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, the Endodontics Society, and the American Biomimetics Society. Dr Richards and his team are dedicated to providing minimally invasive dentistry and strive to preserve patients' natural teeth as much as possible.

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