Affordable Bill Savings Platform Helps Recent Layoffs Lower Expenses & Utilities

May 17, 2024

Start saving today with Recession Resister and their new bill savings platform. With their help, you can lower your monthly bills and keep them low!

If you feel like you’ve lost control of your finances after being laid off from work, Recession Resister is proud to give you a helping hand, and they are confident they can help you save on some of your biggest monthly bills.

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A Savings Platform To Reduce Financial Waste

The team of financial managers behind Recession Resister know that, sadly, even if you have lost your job and source of income, your bills and outgoings do not stop.

That’s why they have created Bill Saver, a new bill savings platform that aims to reduce your monthly utilities and bills while you are searching for a new job, and for the long term.

Save On All Your Monthly Bills & Utilities

With Bill Saver, you can expect to save significantly on your monthly energy, water, internet, phone, TV, satellite and security bills, as well as for any other major monthly outgoings you have.

The financial managers at Recession Resister encourage you to submit all your bills and state that, outside of loans and debts like mortgages, medical bills and car repayments, they can negotiate almost all recurring bills. As their representative said, “We encourage you to upload additional bills in our ‘Other’ category during checkout so we can see if we can help you save even more money.”

A No-Save, No-Pay Solution

As their bill savings platform has been designed specifically for people like you, who have experienced a recent layoff and who are struggling to make ends meet, they offer Bill Saver with no upfront cost.

What this means is that you just need to upload your bills to the Bill Saver platform and then their financial managers will begin evaluating, auditing and renegotiating these bills on a contingency basis. The only way that Recession Resister makes money is by bringing you savings.

A Hassle-Free Way To Lower Your Expenses

The Recession Resister team appreciates that, alongside facing financial difficulty, if you have been recently laid off, you are probably also mentally exhausted and time-poor as you face the difficult and emotionally draining process of searching for work.

That’s why they have designed Bill Saver to both bring you big savings, and to be an easy-to-use, seamless and hassle-free service.

As their representative added, “Our whole goal is to let you live your life hassle-free. Simply upload your bills, answer a few questions and we’ll take it from there so you can enjoy automatic savings without the hassle. You’ll only hear from us once we’ve finished negotiating your account or if we have an offer for you that involves any changes to your account.”

Bill Saver is now available across the US. If you want to reduce financial waste and save on your monthly outgoings, all you have to do is upload your bills.

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