Learn About The Benefits Of Shipping Containers For Storage In Fontana, CA

May 17, 2024

Need a new garage? Don’t let this be the reason you start looking for a new home. Instead, invest in an adaptable shipping container from Conexwest (855 878-5233) in Fontana, CA, for the garage, or any other storage unit of your dreams.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, but sometimes necessity can be the mother of ingenuity. If you need increased storage space at home, whether that's a new garage or a large area for valuable items to be stored securely under lock and key, forget about building a new structure from the ground up or renting a commercial unit miles from your home and call Conexwest!

Conexwest is home to a vast inventory of shipping containers that can be adapted for use as a home garage, storage unit, or any other type of secured and sheltered space. Heck, some people are using them as micro homes. Got a storage problem? Conexwest has the solution.

Learn all about it when you read their latest article "Benefits of a Shipping Container Garage."


Prioritizing quality and innovation, Conexwest offers a wide range of storage container options to meet the diverse needs of a Fontana, CA, clientele.

And when they say 'diverse' they mean anything you can think up.

This means you're no longer limited to building a new garage or shed, moving to a larger home, or investing in offsite warehouse storage if you need a new garage or more storage space. Conexwest wants you to know you have a secure, versatile, home-based solution in shipping containers.

A company spokesperson explains:

“We have a vast inventory of both new and refurbished containers in an array of sizes, many of which were constructed in our own fabrication facility. We’re hoping to showcase the versatility and cost-efficiencies these units offer when adapted for personal or business storage needs. Your options are limitless.”


When you invest in a shipping container as a garage or any other storage unit, you're investing in comfort, durability, practicality, and safety. This is a budget-friendly way of getting a weatherproof unit that can be adapted and made functional in far less time than building a bricks-and-mortar structure. Once you've drawn up your plans and submitted them to the Conexwest team, you can expect your new, custom-tailored structure to be delivered within weeks.

Shipping containers are equally as secure as a traditional garage, sometimes even more so thanks to their steel paneling and locking features. And here's a pro tip: you can always change the layout and size of your containers as your needs change simply by swapping out or moving panels.


Points to consider before investing in a shipping container include the type of container you need - new vs. refurbished, for example - the amount of space required, and whether the unit will need to be insulated, fit with an alarm system, or modified to include windows, doors, and/or an electrical system. Further customization options can be confirmed with a Conexwest technician.

In the market for a shipping container you can adapt for home or business storage? Why not design your own unit to have it built to spec using the free online ConexBuilder on the Conexwest website?

Ready to turn necessity into a beautiful new garage or your own personal storage unit? Conexwest makes it easy and affordable. Learn more about California's highly revered shipping container visionaries at https://www.conexwest.com

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