Virginia Beach Sexual Abuse Lawyer Kevin Biniazan Shares Essential Info

Oct 3, 2023

Knowledge is power for sexual abuse survivors – and Abuse Guardian’s Virginia advocate Kevin Biniazan shares the essentials for Virginia sexual abuse knows.

Kevin Biniazan, the Abuse Guardian attorney in Virginia Beach, VA, explains the different types of sexual assault - and the legal intricacies around some of the most common scenarios.

Sexual Assault: A Serious Public Health Issue In Virginia

The move comes as sexual assault remains a major public health and social problem in Virginia, with research indicating that over a quarter of all residents will experience sexual assault during their lifetime - with rape accounting for a majority of cases. Working with an experienced attorney specializing in sexual abuse is an essential part of obtaining justice, explains Biniazan.

The Most Common Form Of Assault: Simple Sexual Battery

Simple sexual battery is simply defined as a person non-consensually touching another person's intimate body parts, or forcing a person to touch another's body parts. The key element here is that contact is made without permission.

Simple sexual assault is considered a misdemeanor in Virginia, with maximum punishment being 1 year in prison and a fine of up to $2,500.

Aggravated Sexual Battery In Virginia

A series of circumstances can lead to the classification of an event as aggravated sexual battery - including:

  • the victim being under 13 years of age;
  • the assault of a mentally or physically disabled person;
  • the abuser being the victim's parent, step-parent, or grandparent.

Abusers found guilty of aggravated sexual assault face up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $100,000.

STI's and Sexual Assault In Virginia

Under Virginia Code § 18.2-67.4:1, the sexual transmission of an infection by a person who does not disclose that they are suffering from that infection is also classed as sexual battery. Whether or not the transmission of an STI is classes as felony or misdemeanor depends on the existence of intent behind the transmission.

Virginia Sexual Assault Survivor: What To Do

Regardless of the type of abuse suffered, survivors are entitled to compensation, explains Biniazan. A dedicated attorney will help victims obtain full financial compensation and closure knowing that their abusers will pay fully for their crimes.

Abuse Guardian's Virginia Advocate Kevin Biniazan

“My competent legal team and I are unwavering in our mission to represent and safeguard the rights of victims in these horrifying circumstances,” says Biniazan. “We assure tireless efforts in pursuing justice and securing due compensation for our clients. Our clients depend on our absolute dedication and compassionate assistance throughout every phase of their legal journey.”

As a proud member of Abuse Guardian, a national alliance of sexual abuse attorneys, Kevin Biniazan can leverage an extensive network of partnerships and resources to provide high-quality representation for victims of sexual abuse in Virginia. The lawyer provides free consultations and works closely with his clients to gather all the necessary evidence for a strong case.

Understanding the multiple ramifications of the suffering endured by victims of sexual abuse, Biniazan will help survivors seek complete compensation for everything from physical injury to financial losses associated with post-abuse emotional trauma.

With a track record of success helping survivors in Virginia and beyond, Biniazan continues to extend his services to victims of sexual abuse and sex trafficking, among others.

A satisfied client said: “This law firm was highly recommended by a friend who had prior representation. I am very pleased with their professionalism and they kept me well informed of my injury case. Attorney Kevin Biniazan and his team fought well for my rights and I received an extremely good settlement. I encourage you to give them a call as you will have a pleasant experience with their representation!”

Learn more about sexual abuse law in Virginia, and how to get experienced legal help, at

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