VG Creatives, Gator Jawn Secure Anchor Systems, secures Solar panels in Gravel

Apr 12, 2021

VG Creatives, LLC shows its strength and adaptability in gravel raising a solar panel 24ft high to reach sunlight.
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When my classic car needed to be moved and the battery was dead, I thought no worries, Ill just grab my charger but the charger was dead as well. It had lasted for over 30 years well past its useful lifespan. My car is a 1971 AMC Javelin and was restored in 1990. I love this car, it has a 304 and is the SST model.

AMC designer Eric Kugler had been inspired to deliver a little racing-bred detailing to accommodate wider tires and create more effective aerodynamics, and all this helped Roger Penske’s racing team win the SCCA Trans-Am championship with the Javelin in 1971 and 1972, but that didnt help me get the car moved for a shipment arriving within a day, out of the way for an expected delivery the next day. The battery was brand new however the brake pedal had a bad spring allowing the pedal to release the brake light switch, keeping the brake lights lit until the battery died completely.

The car was in my driveway in a nice shady area but all I had was a solar panel weighing 9 lbs and my Gator Jawn anchor set. So I attached the *Solar panel to a mount, set it atop a 24 ft high pole set to reach above the trees and roof line to capture that golden energy of the sun. The driveway is a gravel covered grey stone area but was no match for the universal adaptability of the Gator Jawn.

With enough daylight left to get a charge on the battery, we were able to move the car out of the way to allow unobstructed access to the delivery area. I thought, this is totally unexpected and I had not thought of this as a possible self contained product kit until then. With its ever increasing list of uses, the Gator Jawn Secure Anchor system is truly shaping up to be the most universal, adaptable across all landscapes, and impressive at it its engineered strengths.

This has so many uses in not just home in a gravel area but in camping or survival situations where you need to find an open area of sunlight to get a solar panel setup. Raising it above the tress into catching the sun provides security and safety keeping your valuables where you are camping and not out on the edge of camp somewhere you cant see or be near to protect from unscrupulous persons.

Gator Jawn brand products are consistently rated 5 stars with the initial launch sales so far. Our goal is provide a complete singular solution weighing in at only 19 oz’s including the packaging, it can easily be taken with you on vacation to the islands. beach, a friends backyard BBQ, in the desert or like I had to, my gravel driveway. It can stay securely attached to your umbrella or pole structure negating the need for disassembly or removal, it stays with you wherever you take your umbrellas and the added holder for the ground stakes makes it easy to transport without having a jumbled mess keeping the stakes and cords contained with the unit.

We are so confident you will love this product, we give a full 90 day money back return policy and a limited Lifetime warranty on all our Gator Jawn branded products. VG Creatives, LLC offered a line of affordable options from a single unit Jawn, a discounted two-pack, the Jawn-it-ALL complete universal kit as well as Camping and tent securing accessories.

*The Gator Jawn product does not come with pole sets, Solar Panel or the charger system at this time. We will be offering this as a kit in the near future. We wanted to share this to show what can be done with such a simple and effective solution.

Gator Jawn products are already in production and ready to ship.. To find out more, visit

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