Get The Best Umbrella, Pole & Canopy Secure Anchor System® With HD Steel Stakes

Jan 10, 2022

If you’re looking for the ONLY all-in-one solution to securing umbrellas, pop-up tents, or ad banners on everything from sand to gravel, grass lawns and wood or composite decking, the Gator JAWN it ALL anchor kit from VG Creatives is the answer!

Get The Best Umbrella, Pole & Canopy Secure Anchor System® With HD Steel Stakes

Tired of your beach umbrella or canopy blowing away in the wind? Get yourself the Gator JAWN it ALL kit from VG Creatives, LLC to keep your shelter secure on all terrains!

With the weather in the US becoming ever more unpredictable, the Shamong, NJ-based leisure accessory brand has announced an updated secure anchor system for umbrellas, pop-up tents, and canopies - suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Gator JAWN it ALL kit contains all the necessary accessories to ensure a robust foundation and anchor point in an extensive array of settings – from backyard decking to sandy beaches.

Never worry about having to secure your pop-up tent, ad banner, or beach umbrella again. The Gator JAWN it ALL weighs it down so you can lighten up. More details at

The announcement reveals the newly expanded contents of the all-in-one anchor kit, providing you with a simple, easy set-up that requires no digging, hammering, or sandbags to secure an awning whatever the weather might be.

The Gator JAWN it ALL ships with four precision-engineered, assembled Gator clamp halves. These feature two tethers per half. Also included are four blank Gator clamp halves without tethers. An eight-piece anchor deck supply ensures robust fastening to your designated surface while a further eight heavy-duty steel ground stakes also enhance the sturdiness of the device.

A clever design means that the Gator JAWN it ALL will not leave any marks on decking. You'll also enjoy its low maintenance performance - the anchor will rarely need adjustment and will hold fast even in stormy conditions.

The unit accommodates standard beach umbrella poles, pop-up tents with both round or square legs, solar panel mounting rods, wind meters, flagpoles, and HAM radio antennas. Up to two beach umbrellas can be mounted vertically or horizontally depending on your preference and application context.

Robust construction materials ensure that the JAWN it ALL anchor kit will last for many years. Heavy-duty wing-nuts and hex bolts will remain secure even in stormy, windy conditions. The design also allows for self-storage of the ground stakes, making it easy to tidy away when not in use.

About VG Creatives, LLC

The company is led by founder and CEO Veronica Janice who has been working in the manufacturing field since 1980, bringing years of experience in product design, plastics, and injection molding. VG Creatives, LLC has been in operation since 2019.

A spokesperson says, “There is no product as simple to set up, that stays for days, weeks, or months, and is as worry-free as the Gator JAWN it ALL complete kit.”

With its latest product upgrades, VG Creatives, LLC, continues to develop its expertly-engineered designs, making leisure accessories affordable and accessible for customers everywhere.

For the ultimate secure shelter in sun, snow, or storms, choose VG Creatives, LLC. Find out more here:

The Gator JAWN it ALL will solve all your anchoring problems – sit back and enjoy the view with VG Creatives, LLC!

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