The Universal GATOR JAWN® Umbrella & Canopy Tent Kit Fits All Standard Pole Sizes and Canopy legs!

Oct 22, 2021

VG Creatives, LLC, just released their Gator JAWN-it-ALL kit so you can keep your pop-up tents and beach umbrellas safely secured and protected against the wind. Use it on grass, gravel, sand, wood decks, and more! The high-quality universal kit retails for only $69 USD and includes free shipping.

You’ll never lose another beach umbrella to the wind again with the amazing universal Gator JAWN-it-All kit! Keep those umbrellas and tents safe, sound, and secured to the ground.

To top it all off, you can enjoy 25% off any products in the Gator JAWN collection!

The universal JAWN-it-All kit is simple to set up and can remain safely secured to the ground for days, weeks, or even months. You can choose from various colors including neon orange, neon pink, and cotton candy.

You can find the full details and browse other Gator Jawn products by heading to

The company released the JAWN-it-ALL kit to provide you with an easy, universal kit for all your outdoor tent and umbrella needs. The heavy-duty fiber-filled and steel materials are designed to keep items firmly in place even during the windiest days.

A common obstacle experienced when setting up a beach umbrella is the difficulty in keeping it secured in place, especially in the wind. The Gator Jawn has been specifically engineered to keep your beach umbrellas secured in the sand either horizontally or vertically.

The stress-free set-up negates the need for digging, burying, hammering, sandbags and weights, or screwing down stakes in the ground.

The kit fits all standard beach umbrella pole sizes ranging from ¾ inches to 1.5 inches in diameter, making them ideal for large, oversized umbrellas. For added convenience, the versatile clamps are suitable for round and square legs.

The universal kit comes with a wide range of applications outside of umbrellas and tents. The steel anchors and tough nylon ropes are ideal for securing flag poles, wind meters, poles for lighting, HAM radio antennas, and even solar panels. This kit really does it all!

The JAWN-it-All set contains enough hardware to secure one pop-up tent or umbrella, two beach umbrellas, four poles for privacy banners, or one advertisement banner up to 16 feet long.

Each JAWN-it-All kit includes the following:

–         4 assembled gator clamp halves with tethers

–         4 gator clamp halves with no tethers

–         4 adhesive-backed sheet sets

–         4 spacer sets

–         8 heavy-duty steel ground stakes

–         8 deck anchors

–         All required wing nuts and hex bolts

–         A handy storage pouch

A satisfied customer said, “The Gator Jawn is great! We use it every time we go to the beach. It is great quality, and we are very happy with our purchase. We highly recommend their products.”

To learn more about Gator Jawn products visit where you can view a helpful assembly video, browse the company’s other items, and subscribe to the VG Creatives, LLC YouTube channel. 

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