Get The Best Universal Kit To Secure Your Pop-Up Tent From This Top Company

Jul 16, 2021

Looking for the best way to keep your umbrella or pop-up tent in place? Do you want to know how to safely secure a canopy to your deck without fasteners? Visit VG Creatives, LLC’s website today for the easy-to-use kit that will transform your outdoor experience!

Do you wish your umbrella or pop-up tent would stay put during strong winds? Visit VG Creatives, LLC’s website today to discover the ultimate solution you deserve!

The outdoor and sporting goods business has updated its universal “JAWN it ALL” kit to provide you with a simple and secure way to set up your canopies. The company experts have over 40 years of experience in manufacturing, product design, and research and development.

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The company’s recently updated “JAWN it ALL” universal kit offers you security and protection for poles, umbrellas, and pop-up tents. It is highly sturdy and can be used on beaches, yards, parks, gravel, desert, wood, and composite decks.

All of the business’s products are developed in the United States but they also ship their items to Mexico and Canada. You have 90 days to return your product to ensure your complete satisfaction.

VG Creatives, LLC’s kit includes 4 assembled gator clamp halves with 2 tethers per half, 4 blank gator clamp halves, 4 sheets of adhesive-backed pads, and 4 spacer sets which become 8 halves after being separated. It also comes with 8 steel heavy-duty ground stakes, 8 deck anchors, 8 wing nuts, and 8 hex bolts. You can choose between cotton candy, neon orange, neon pink, or “pornj” (a pink and orange mix) for the color of your nylon rope.

The kit is very easy to use since you will not need to dig, bury, use a hammer, screws, sandbags, or weights to keep the fixture in place. It is resistant to aggressive winds and can stay up for months at a time due to its strong construction and fiber-filled materials.

VG Creatives, LLC also sells universal anchor systems, steel ground stake anchors, looped tie-down cords, and stakes with rope attachments. The company founder, Veronica Janice, founded the business to bring simple and groundbreaking products to the market.

A satisfied customer said: “The Gator Jawn beach umbrella anchor is excellent. It is easy to attach to the umbrella, anchor it in the sand, and it stays put all day. Even through strong sea breezes, the umbrella stays in place. The instructions are easy to read, and the product is well made. I highly recommend Gator Jawn for your beach umbrella anchor.”

VG Creatives, LLC are the trusted outdoor equipment experts you can rely on – visit their website to learn more about their products’ innovative features!

Ready for the sturdiest canopy set-up kit? Click on for the information you need!

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