Try This Skin-Softening Organic Essential Oils Formula With High-Vibe Crystals

Jul 21, 2023

Parlour of Wonders has a new collection of skin-softening, healing and rejuvenating fractionated coconut oils that each include a unique beauty crystal.

In 2023, Parlour of Wonders wants you to make a resolution to care for your skin and your spirit with their collection of high-vibe skin oils.

Their new blends combine a luxury cosmetic-grade coconut base with a carefully selected combination of herbal and floral essential oils and with skin-recharging and energizing crystals. Parlour of Wonders believes that the future of skincare is natural and they are proud to be offering you more products with organic, soothing and restorative ingredients that are both nourishing for your skin and your soul.

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Parlour of Wonders is also proud to be moving towards more crystal-infused skincare products at a time when the interest in crystal skincare continues to grow. As a recent article on Allure magazine described, crystal skincare can offer you both energetic and spiritual benefits and tangible skincare improvements. As they explained, popular stones like jade, rose quartz and amethyst have now all been linked to improved circulation, a brightened complexion and overall more radiant skin.

Parlour of Wonders similarly believes that skin-safe high-vibe crystal skincare products offer you the ultimate healing balance of outer and inner care. As such, each new fragrant handcrafted skin oil in their collection contains an energetically charged crystal inside the brand’s distinct glass bottle.

One popular new skin oil that Parlour of Wonders has handmade in their Los Angeles studio that you’re sure to love is their Self Love oil. The online retailer believes this fractionated coconut oil blend is the perfect introduction into the world of organic self-care and skincare products as it combines healing and sweet rose, jasmine and lavender essential oils. Their Self Love oil also contains a genuine Kambaba Jasper gemstone.

All of Parlour of Wonders’ skin-softening new herbal organic oils come in a 0.5-ounce bottle with a dropper and are made according to a unique proprietary formula. Parlour of Wonders also offers fast delivery throughout the USA and Canada to your door.

A spokesperson for the high-vibe skincare experts said, “You will notice the positive and powerful energy of these oils as soon as you smell them, and you will absolutely love the variety of exquisite scents. Each oil is a beautiful blend of herbs and botanical essential oils, and they are made in small batches here at Parlour of Wonders. Formulated with natural ingredients, each oil has its own specific vibrational frequency and skincare purpose.”

This year choose skincare that is naturally nourishing and genuinely restorative.

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