Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer For Professional Discipline: Top Legal Expert

Aug 24, 2022

Working with just about any lawyer isn’t going to cut it if you’re facing legal problems for professional regulatory misconduct.

Toronto Criminal Defense Lawyer For Professional Discipline: Top Legal Expert

William Jaksa Criminal Litigation is a top Toronto criminal defense attorney offering proactive legal help for professional regulatory and discipline matters. If you’re a teacher, lawyer, health practitioner, or business owner looking for expert representation, this firm is your best bet.

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Recently there’s been a growing awareness of the importance of expert legal help for companies involved in provincial offence cases. These may seem deceptively easy to defend at first, but their legal consequences can be dramatic if you can’t prove your innocence. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you avoid high fees and prolonged court cases, with all the potential financial and reputation complications that come with that.

Toronto based lawyer William Jaksa has extensive experience with clients in many industries that could be liable to prosecution for under various regulatory bodies such as the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the Financial Services Regulatory of Ontario (FSRA), the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), Ontario College of Teachers, and others.

Depending on the particular situation of each client, there are various legal options available.

“The Prosecution must prove the case to a specific standard to secure convictions,” explained a spokesperson for the firm. “These strict requirements on the Prosecution affords a number of possible defences that an experienced lawyer will be able to identify and incorporate into your defence strategy.”

About William Jaksa Criminal Litigation

The Toronto law firm has over 15 years of experience in criminal law, having served both corporate and private clients and having appeared at the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Ontario Court of Appeal. William Jaksa is a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the Toronto Lawyers Association, the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Union of Ontario, The Advocates Society and holds a board positions with a couple of charities holds other prestigious professional organizations.

A satisfied client said: “I am very grateful for having William recommend to me. His professionalism and excellent knowledge helped greatly. I would recommend William’s service to any one facing criminal charges. His personal acknowledgment made all the difference. He is a lawyer you definitely would need in your corner.”

Get the best criminal defense lawyers in Toronto to avoid bigger legal problems down the line!

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