Toronto Criminal Defence Lawyer Represents Teachers On Disciplinary Matters

May 4, 2023

If you’re in trouble with your professional teaching body and you want to mount a credible defence that will clear your name and get you back to the classroom doing what you do best, talk to William Jaska Criminal Litigation. (416-900-0998)

Are you a teacher facing disciplinary charges in the Toronto area? Need a lawyer? There's only one name you need to know - William Jaksa Criminal Litigation!

The firm is renowned for its advocacy across a range of professions, ensuring that you receive a fair hearing and that any collateral damage to your reputation is limited. The firm's empathic approach to legal counsel helps to mitigate the stress that often surrounds disciplinary proceedings.

Professional problems? You need a professional lawyer to help you clear your name and get back to work. Talk to William Jaksa today! More details at

The team has a great track record in dealing with professional disciplinary hearings. William has represented clients in front of regulatory bodies such as the Ontario College of Teachers and the College of Early Childhood Educators, bringing a depth of knowledge regarding how these organizations operate.

With teaching unions in dispute with both the Canadian government and rank-and-file members over proposed cuts including capped wage increases, Ontario's teachers and administrators find themselves under increasing pressure. The investigation committee of the Ontario College of Teachers now has greater authority to impose financial penalties and remedial training orders on staff members.

The firm's blog series provides an overview of what you can expect and the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your reputation. Mr. Jaksa advocates for a rapid response - be proactive and get ahead of the story. Appeal to your network of peers for support. Character witnesses from your colleagues can carry a lot of weight in professional hearings.

The firm analyses all of the evidence that has been gathered while ensuring that your rights have not been violated. The team can help you return to work with minimal delay and protect your livelihood over the long term.

About William Jaksa

Throughout his career, Mr. Jaksa has defended hundreds of professionals in disciplinary hearings and tribunal proceedings. The firm was first established in 2007, growing steadily to become one of Toronto's most respected criminal litigation firms.

A spokesperson says, “Many professionals understand that a single complaint can destroy their livelihoods. A single complaint can ruin your practice. When you are a professional, your reputation is everything. A mistake or even an accusation can be devastating to your career. If you are facing disciplinary action by a regulator for professional misconduct it is important to take steps to defend your reputation.”

For more info, call 416-900-0998 or visit

Get the ultimate defence for your professional disciplinary proceedings with William Jaksa!

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