This Huntington, NY Divorce Lawyer Specializes In Contested & Uncontested Cases

Aug 18, 2022

If your marriage has hit the end of the road, you need lawyers who can smoothly steer you through the transition. Divorce can be stressful, but Badanes Law Office is here to achieve the result you seek. Call the Huntington firm at +1-631-239-1702 today.

This Huntington, NY Divorce Lawyer Specializes In Contested & Uncontested Cases

Struggling with the complexities of your divorce case? Whether your problem is asset division, fair alimony payments, or child custody, Badanes Law Office can help find a solution in Huntington.

Rest assured that they’re up to date with the most current divorce laws and proceeding regulations in the state of New York. Badanes Law Office provides a high level of support, standing by you as you file for divorce in Huntington and the surrounding areas in Suffolk County.

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They can offer you an array of divorce options suitable to your unique situation. The Long Island firm personalizes its approach in pursuit of optimal results for all cases, including high net worth marriages, same-sex couples, those with children, and others.

Due to its extensive experience, the law office is now equipped to provide you with a selection of divorce options – ranging from contested or uncontested divorces to divorce mediation.

Principal attorney David Badanes, Esq., attends to each case – providing representation, drafting divorce agreements, or conducting mediation sessions as needed.

As explained by the Long Island divorce firm, its team recognizes that simple and complex cases will pose different challenges. As such, Badanes Law Office crafts tailored plans of action designed to solve even the most complicated issues of asset division and alimony. If you have questions about these topics, they have answers.

Badanes Law Office is highly regarded within the industry. In fact, they’ve been named the “Best Family Law Attorney” by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys, among other awards. Needless to say, they’re positioned to help you with your case.

Divorce can now be filed electronically – Badanes Law Office offers you remote or in-person services accordingly. Book your free consultation via their official website or call them over the phone – it’s that easy.

One prior client said: “I was unusually fortunate to have David Badanes tackle a very technical, complex, and stubborn post-divorce issue. He never promised the impossible; he stayed focused on the achievable. An expert in another state observed she’d never seen a situation quite like mine but came to admire Badanes’s grasp of the case and its issues.”

From prenups to property division, all problems are solvable – especially when you hire the top-rated law firm around.

Are you in Huntington or nearby? Click to learn more about Badanes Law Office and start moving towards your next chapter.

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