This AI Tool Generates Video Content for Email Marketing to Boost Campaign CTR

May 1, 2024

Give your email campaigns the attention they deserve with the help of AI! Digital Biz has a free trial on an automated video-creating tool that lets you create thousands of bespoke videos to improve email click through rates!

Business Automation Tool for High-Impact Email Campaigns

Do your emails get left on read? Thanks to DigitalBiz, that can change in just a few minutes! With the help of an AI-driven video creator, you can personalize emails to thousands of leads.

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Boost Your Brand Effortlessly With Video Automation

The AI tool ReachOut.AI allows businesses to create personalized video content to attach to their emails without having to record anything. The solution helps you improve the impact of your email campaigns while saving time.

"Companies that embrace putting faces to their brands will do much better moving forward. If you start interacting as a human brand, you'll notice your sales go up as a result," a spokesperson for the company said.

How Video Content Can Improve CTR

According to, one of the biggest challenges of email marketing is low CTR, leading to low conversions. The article suggests video content as an efficient strategy to improve engagement and attract more traffic through emails, with the potential of increasing CTR by 65%.

What You Can Do With ReachOut.AI

ReachOut.AI can produce thousands of personalized videos in a matter of minutes that have an average of 52% CTR. The tool has features like text-to-video, AI voice, face cloning, and a personalized singing video function. You can also customize the background and the thumbnail. The tool is currently available in 50 languages, with the option to choose which words should be personalized.

A satisfied client shared a testimonial: "I am beyond thrilled to share my thoughts on this AI, a software platform that has completely revolutionized the way we handle cold outreach in our organization. From the start, the user interface caught my attention; incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. The learning curve was practically nonexistent, which was an unexpected but very welcome surprise."

More Business Automation Solutions

As a company that has been working with AI solutions since 1993, DigitalBiz has long experience of automation that it leverages to help you find useful tools.

In addition to ReachOut.AI, DigitalBiz is partnered with other automation and marketing providers that offer advanced solutions to improve rankings and brand visibility. All companies that DigitalBiz collaborates with have money-back guarantees and don't require contracts, allowing you to cancel at any time.

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