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May 1, 2024

Finding the right senior care facility for a loved one can be challenging! If you need some advice, have a read of Destination Health & Rehabilitation’s (850-654-4588) new guide!

All seniors want to age gracefully and maintain a decent standard of living as they get older, and a senior care facility provides the best setting to do this. However, finding the right facility can be difficult, and it's in times like these when the experience of a team like the one at Destination Health & Rehabilitation can come in handy! In its new guide, the Destin, FL senior care facility shares some things you should be looking out for when considering potential facilities to move your senior loved ones into. They also provide tips for how to make the transition smoother and less stressful.

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Assess Their Needs

The first thing Destination Health & Rehabilitation recommends you do is identify the needs of your loved one. “Before you start looking at facilities, take the time to assess what level of care your loved one requires,” explains the author of the guide. “Do they need assistance with daily activities like dressing or bathing? Are they dealing with a chronic condition that requires medical attention? Or are they in need of rehabilitation services? Answering these questions will guide you towards the right type of care.”

Tour The Facilities

Once their needs have been determined, you can start looking at facilities. In Destin, there is a wide range of senior care options, from assisted living and skilled nursing facilities to specialized memory care units. To find the best fit, Destination Health & Rehabilitation encourages you to take guided tours.

Check Out The Amenities & Therapy Options

While on these tours, you should be evaluating the amenities, the rehabilitation and therapy options, and the staff. The amenities are important because your senior loved one needs to be able to enjoy a fulfilling, comfortable lifestyle even in their later years. Moreover, therapy needs to be readily available to ensure they stay healthy and independent.

Don't Be Afraid Of Technology

Destination Health & Rehabilitation urges you to embrace technology and try and leverage it to enhance your loved one's care. For example, telehealth allows your loved one to consult with their healthcare providers remotely, so they don’t have to leave the facility for basic appointments and check-ups, which is extremely useful if they have mobility issues. Advanced monitoring systems are also great because they can alert staff quickly in the event of an emergency.

Weigh Up The Costs

Another aspect Destination Health & Rehabilitation reminds you to be aware of is the costs. While keeping a loved one in a senior care facility is an expensive proposition, there are various payment plans and financial assistance programs that can help you manage the costs. Some insurance plans might also cover a portion of the costs.

“When it comes to finding long-term care for a senior loved one, the comfort and care they receive is the top priority,” says the author. “In Destin, there are various options that cater to the diverse needs of seniors. But how do you choose the right one? By reading our guide, the task of matching them to an appropriate facility should be easier.”

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