This Frisco, TX Law Firm Provides Specialized Legal Services To Dallas Area Businesses

Feb 20, 2021

Are attorney fees draining your legal budget faster than you can replenish it? This Texas legal services company is proving that high-quality legal services don’t need to come with a hefty price tag.

Are you looking for a way to lower your legal spend without sacrificing the quality of the legal services you need? This local law firm delivers just that.

Intuitive Edge (, a specialized alternative legal services provider (ALSP), has introduced a series of cost-effective attorney services for corporations and business owners in the Dallas, TX area and beyond.

A 2019 study by Thomson Reuters found that the expected utilization of ALSPs by corporations was “stronger than projected,” as more legal departments turn to these firms for specialized expertise.

The new suite of legal services offered by Intuitive Edge will allow more local businesses to gain access to the company’s proprietary business model called the OASIS Cycle, which can cut legal costs by a third and double aspects of business efficiency. OASIS allows businesses to respond with a legal Dream Team to legal challenges in today’s highly litigious environment laden with contracts, notices, and amendments.

Key to the OASIS Cycle is the pairing of an expert project manager with a lawyer. This Dream Team then assesses the legal challenges at hand and comes up with a strategy that unfolds methodically and strategically–and at lower cost–because of their complementary and synergistic skills.

This Dream Team/OASIS Cycle approach has been a key to Intuitive Edge providing invaluable legal and administrative guidance during small and large projects in everything from startups to large, multinational corporations undertaking massive transactions.

A particular focus of Intuitive Edge and the OASIS cycle is contracts management–helping clients review and standardize their contract portfolios, in order to lower risks, identify cost-saving opportunities, and improve accessibility to documents.

Once benchmark standards are reached, clients can then retain the company on an ongoing basis to fully manage their contracts.

Intuitive Edge also offers interim attorney placements within companies, whether large or small, to provide needed legal guidance in contract management, negotiations, patent and trademark disputes, and more.

The pairing of a project manager with a lawyer–the Intuitive Edge Dream Team–is the brainchild of Founder Lisa Scott. Scott commented, “It makes no more sense to have every aspect of every legal effort important to a company organized and run by attorneys than it does to have every aspect of every health care program run by physicians. Different professionals bring different skills. And Intuitive Edge brings those professional teams to businesses in Frisco and elsewhere, thereby empowering them to succeed. Deploying these Dreams Teams has been my dream for a long time. Seeing it happen, in a way that delivers for small and large companies, is an amazing journey.”

Legal services need not be expensive. Contact Intuitive Edge today for the most reliable and cost-efficient ALSP teams in Texas!

Full details about the company’s services and their advantages can be found at

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