This Chaplaincy Program Helps Equip Public Schools With Trained Chaplains

Aug 2, 2023

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) (405-831-3299) is on a mission to transform education and to create a new generation of school chaplains who can provide excellence in spiritual care.

If you believe that schools need to be better places—capable of lifting students’ spirits, not only their grades—you should consider studying at the NSCA’s new chaplaincy school.

The National School Chaplain Association believes that spiritual care is an increasingly necessary part of the education system in the United States and that it can be a salve to the vast body of students who are struggling with low mental health and a lack of purpose. Given this belief, the NSCA is increasingly committed to providing school chaplains of the highest order and, to that end, they have updated the curriculum offered by their chaplaincy school. If you enroll, you can expect to become an accredited chaplain who can provide meaningful spiritual and pastoral care to whole school communities.

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The Founder and CEO of the National School Chaplain Association, Rocky Malloy, calls their new chaplaincy school program “transformative”—and he expresses that, as an organization, their goal is nothing less than creating a total transformation in education.

According to the latest findings from the Newport Institute, today over 60% of students suffer from at least one mental health issue, and the facts showcase that there are insufficient care and counseling services available to these students to improve their state of mind and well-being.

Rocky Malloy and the board of directors at the NSCA believe that, therefore, with the right training, as a school chaplain, you can become a light in any school institution, sharing hope, joy, and faith with those students who need it most.

As such, with the changes to their chaplaincy school, they are now offering you the chance to learn more about how to deliver pastoral care and counseling that can help students to grow in their confidence and self-belief, to dispel their doubts and fears, to create dreams that they can work towards and to gain the tools that will allow them to overcome failures.

You can access more information on the new curriculum for the National School Chaplain Association’s chaplaincy school at

The NSCA’s chaplaincy school is open to you wherever you are based in the United States and they have a flexible admission process that will allow you to follow your own path, based upon your prior work experience and study credentials.

A spokesperson for the National School Chaplain Association said, “Chaplains are indispensable because they accompany students through their increasingly complex and ever-changing educational journey. Chaplains educate the whole person and ensure graduates will not only do good but also be well. What seems to be increasingly clear is that chaplains are essential for the heart and soul of education.”

To transform schools for the better, the NSCA needs natural school chaplains like you.

Visit if you’d like to enroll in their chaplaincy school or simply support their good work.

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