Tyler, TX Chaplaincy Program Improves Conflict Resolution & School Safety

May 6, 2024

Flash report: The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) is pleased to report that their respectful chaplaincy program is improving conflict resolution in schools in Tyler and across Texas.

Thanks to the National School Chaplain Association, you can bolster your school’s welfare and support services and your student outcomes with a truly meaningful figure, a school chaplain.

--> Welcome one of their professional chaplains into your school at https://www.nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/school-benefits

The Value Of Respectful School Chaplaincy

The National School Chaplain Association can offer your school a part-time or full-time accredited school chaplain who has been trained through their official chaplaincy certification.

If your school, like many in Tyler and the rest of Texas, is fighting a rising tide of anxiety, depression, gender confusion, conflict and violence, they believe their respectful, empathetic and supportive chaplains can be the antidote.

A New Way To Improve Conflict Resolution

All National School Chaplain Association chaplains are highly trained in the skills of conflict resolution and mediation and have been proven to help students because they are seen as a confidential listener and non-judgmental confidant.

As a representative for the association explained, despite many schools consistently investing more money and resources into counseling, this investment has failed to stem the tide of unhappiness and disconnection in schools.

As they stated, “It appears that students do not avail themselves of therapy services because of a lingering stigma and fear that consultations will appear as a footnote on their transcript, curtailing acceptance to post-graduation education. However, talking to a chaplain carries no such weight and informality can lead people to open up when they otherwise wouldn’t. Chaplaincy is a non-threatening solution.”

While chaplains are not designed to replace your school counselors or the support that your classroom teachers can give, they are another avenue for help.

You can find more information on why a chaplain can work, where more conventional support structures are failing, at https://campuschaplains.org/

Choose Chaplains To Assist Youth Character Development

As chaplains represent a loving God, they can also offer your students a unique hope and purpose-filled perspective, one that the National School Chaplain Association believes can help them find greater meaning and direction.

This Christian ethos, and its spirit of generosity and empathy, can also be used in your school to diffuse conflicts and tensions, and assist youth character development by encouraging social responsibility and important values like kindness.

Following the passing of the Chaplain Bill in 2023, your school is 100% entitled to have a chaplain on staff. The National School Chaplain Association encourages you to speak to their team about the chaplain hiring process. 

--> To start the hiring process, head to https://nationalschoolchaplainassociation.org/

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