Top Google Ranks For Moss Bluff Dentists: Appear In Search Box Autocomplete

May 13, 2024

If you manage a dental practice in Moss Bluff or another part of Lake Charles, My Tooth Media offers a unique and highly effective alternative to traditional SEO: autocomplete optimization.

Gaining The Competitive Edge

Traditional SEO has been around for over two decades and almost every business is now using it, making it very competitive. With autocomplete optimization, My Tooth Media bypasses SEO entirely, instead presenting your dental practice as an autocomplete suggestion.

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You choose keyword phrases, like “best dentist in Moss Bluff,” and you will then have exclusive use of that phrase. Whenever someone enters your chosen phrase in Google or Bing, the name of your practice will appear as a suggestion in autofill.

Improving organic search rankings remains super important, which has made traditional SEO increasingly competitive and expensive. My Tooth Media’s unique technology is considerably less costly than SEO, and can also have a much more powerful effect.

“As a new technology, autocomplete optimization is often compared to what the market knows as search engine optimization, or SEO,” a company representative explained. “However, when examining search results, there is little similarity. Think of autocomplete optimization as SEO on steroids. The differences are vast and will allow a business to dominate their market and their industry.”

Appearing First

The autofill feature on top search engines, such as Google and Bing, presents a list of possible search strings as soon as you begin entering a new query. The function recognizes the keywords being typed and your location, and then makes suggestions based on historically popular search phrases.

As My Tooth Media points out, autocomplete works at the very first stage in the search process, making it an attractive proposition for marketing purposes. The firm’s new optimization technology was developed to leverage these advantages, helping your dental practice appear before your competitors ever have a chance of being seen.

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media is now offering autocomplete optimization to dentists in select regions across the US. The firm states that the technology is equally effective for almost any industry, and also works for businesses that operate at a national or international level.

“We’ve already seen amazing results from autocomplete optimization,” one client recently stated. “Whenever someone searches for our services, our name appears as an auto-suggestion, and that’s how many new clients are discovering us. This technology is great.”

If you’re interested in dominating the entire first page of search results, My Tooth Media offers an innovative new solution.

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