Professional School Chaplains In Houston Provide Pastoral & Spiritual Care

May 6, 2024

The National School Chaplain Association (405-831-3299) is now providing spiritual guidance in Houston schools, courtesy of their professional chaplains.

If your school is suffering from low morale, a lack of community, high rates of anxiety, frequent conflict and a general sense of unhappiness and disconnection, the National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) believes a professional chaplain is the answer.

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Welcome A Professional Chaplain Into Your School

Readied with a Biblical perspective, National School Chaplain Association chaplains can offer your school and students respectful, supportive and empowering spiritual guidance.

Following the passing of the Chaplain Bill last year, many schools across the State of Texas have decided to add an accredited professional NSCA chaplain to their school staff, whether on a part-time or full-time basis.

If you’re not yet one of them, as you do your staffing for the 2024/25 school year, the National School Chaplain Association would like to help you bolster your pastoral care and welfare services with a chaplain.

The Importance Of Strong Spiritual Guidance

In a time of discord, loneliness, anxiety and unhappiness, the NSCA believes their chaplains can, as their spokesperson stated, “invite students into the fullness of life.”

NSCA-accredited chaplains are trained to offer wise, compassionate and inspiring spiritual guidance and spiritual care to all your students, and to create a safe and confidential space that they can turn to for counseling and wellbeing support.

Their spokesperson added, “Chaplains provide guidance and help build resilient young people. Gender confusion, lack of purpose, and hopelessness have resulted in record-level dropout rates and an epidemic of suicide among young people. In a historical era of conflict, discord, and loneliness - the role of chaplain has never been more critical.”

More information on what NSCA chaplains can do for your school can be found at

Choose A Highly Trained NSCA-certified Chaplain

Unlike independent chaplains—whose credentials may be more difficult to verify—NSCA chaplains have a strong background in education and pastoral care, and they enhance this wealth of experience with the association’s rigorous university-level training program.

Additionally, if you are concerned about school safety, all NSCA chaplains also possess several safety certifications, including Active Shooter, Threat Assessment, and Stop the Bleed. 

Whether you are a school district head, school leader, teacher, parent or community member, The National School Chaplain Association encourages you to reach out to see how you can lobby for or hire a professional chaplain for your school. 

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