Hope Rising’s SEL Curriculum For Children – Download Free Sample Lesson

Apr 14, 2024

The social media landscape is littered with people who claim that some service or product helps them to be the best version of themselves. Do you ever wonder why? Maybe they never had SEL training as kids! Call Hope Rising (405-676-4140) today!

Hope Rising's SEL Curriculum For Children - Download Free Sample Lesson

Of course, kids often feel lost! Do you remember your first days - or years! - at school?! Pretty overwhelming!

Hope Rising has updated its ‘My Best Me’ SEL curriculum with age-appropriate exercises designed to help schoolchildren recognize, develop, and fortify their identities/characters from an early age. Children are often confused by having to please different constituencies - parents, teachers, and peers. This can distract them from focusing on their own character, skills, and potential - to the detriment of both their mental health and academic performance.

You want lesson plans that speak to these kids, developed by an organization that has devoted years of research to the topic.

Check it out at https://hoperisingsel.com

The non-profit education organization's revised social-emotional learning curriculum is inspired by the science of hope and informed by the latest evidence-based research on the best strategies for promoting healthy childhood development. SEL does not allow for participation trophies, rather it encourages students to test themselves by setting and accomplishing goals with real-world meaning. Moreover, the lesson plans help teachers foster positive relationships with their students, promoting a more respectful and trusting learning environment that enables kids’ growth.

SEL researchers believe that when educators cultivate a caring school environment and teach core social skills, children learn to recognize and manage emotions, care about others, behave more responsibly, and refrain from negative behaviors. This can lead to a virtuous cycle in which positive interactions lead to more positive interactions - fostering a climate of mutual respect and enjoyment between students and teachers, establishing bonds, and inspiring both parties to perform at their highest level.

You can view a sample lesson from 'My Best Me' at https://info.hoperisingsel.com/social-emotional-learning-sample

To track the growth of hope in students, Hope Rising’s curriculum includes a pre-and post-curriculum hope evaluation, called The Hope Survey. The purpose of this six-question self-reporting tool based on the research of Dr. Chan Hellman - a pioneer in the field and a member of the organization’s board - is to gauge a student's level of hope before beginning the program. After completing the curriculum, schools and teachers can see how much a student's hope has increased over time.

Hope Rising’s ‘My Best Me’ curriculum includes hardcopy and digital texts with lessons that allow teachers instructional flexibility based upon that school district’s goals. Each lesson in the digital texts includes a printable lesson summary for parents and an editable copy of the student worksheet that can be printed or downloaded by the teacher.

If you want to purchase the lesson plans, you can go to https://hoperisingsel.com/purchase

The digital book is very user-friendly and includes many tools to help students learn, including highlighted terms that provide definitions, video links, and simple-to-read lessons. Along with access to the hope survey and training videos, the teachers also have the ability to choose what the students view through digital text.

It doesn't matter if you are a parent, teacher, school supervisor, or just a member of the community - everyone is a stakeholder in children's futures.

Go to https://hoperisingsel.com/the-case-for-sel and see for yourself why over 90% of teachers think SEL is important.

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