Charlotte Crawlspace Vapor Barrier Installation To Control Moisture & Humidity

May 13, 2024

If you’re struggling to prevent mold growth in your home, check out Freedom Crawlspace Services’ (803-493-9902) new crawlspace vapor barrier installation service, now available in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mold issues at home are usually caused by excessive moisture levels, but this can be difficult to control in Charlotte’s humid subtropical climate. To address this, the new crawlspace vapor barrier installation service from Freedom Crawlspace Services can reduce moisture levels in your home, helping to keep it mold-free.

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Crawlspace Vapor Barriers: What Are They And How Do They Help?

Crawlspaces, the area under a roof or floor that provides access to wiring and plumbing, often trap excess moisture - which can lead to issues with mold and mildew. However, this can be mitigated with a crawlspace vapor barrier, a plastic or foil sheeting that is installed on the floor or walls of a crawlspace to prevent moisture from entering.

Other Benefits

In addition to controlling moisture levels, Freedom Crawlspace Services’ vapor barriers can provide numerous other benefits such as improving the air quality in your home. Many home HVAC systems draw air from within crawlspaces, leading to musty air circulating throughout your house when crawlspace moisture levels are not controlled. They also improve the efficiency of HVAC systems - as when moisture is regulated, HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Furthermore, vapor barriers can also deter pests such as rodents and termites by creating a physical barrier that limits their access to your home. Additionally, the reduced moisture levels make your crawlspace less hospitable for pests, thus assisting in preventing infestations.

When To Replace A Vapor Barrier

If you already have a crawlspace vapor barrier installed, there are various signs to look for that indicate a need to replace your vapor barrier. The company recommends you regularly check your barrier for signs of physical damage such as punctures and tears as these reduce the efficiency of your barrier. Evidence of mold or mildew growth can also indicate the necessity for a new barrier.

About Freedom Crawlspace Services

Freedom Crawlspace Services is a crawlspace service provider in Charlotte, North Carolina. Alongside crawlspace vapor barrier installation and repair, the company also offers a range of home waterproofing solutions for basements and other moisture-prone areas.

“Our team is here to help you safeguard your investment and create a safe and comfortable living environment in your home,” says a spokesperson for the company. “If you’re looking for expert assistance to fix your crawlspace and make it more functional and energy-efficient, our team of licensed crawlspace professionals is just a phone call away.”

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