Specialty Recruitment Firm Helps Lawyers Find Respected Medical Expert Witnesses

Jun 6, 2022

If you or your law firm requires a medical expert witness, get in touch with Homestead Medical Experts (1-877-244-3703).

Specialty Recruitment Firm Helps Lawyers Find Respected Medical Expert Witnesses

Winning a case can often feel like an uphill battle even if you’re a lawyer. However, an expert witness can give you the legal edge you need. Homestead Medical Experts can connect you with professionals who can provide valuable testimony for your lawsuit.

The company makes it easy for you to find trusted medical witnesses who can bolster your chances of winning. Unlike with other recruitment firms, you only pay a retainer once you have found and selected an expert. 

Learn more by visiting https://homesteadexperts.com

By taking advantage of this service, you can save both time and money. It is especially helpful for litigating personal injury cases where experts may be required to establish the true cause and extent of your plaintiff’s injuries.

It’s often your responsibility to find your own medical expert witnesses. Unfortunately, the standard way of doing things is tedious, taking away valuable time that you could otherwise use to strengthen your lawsuit.

With almost a decade of experience in the industry, Homestead Medical Experts has built an extensive network of professionals you can readily access. If you need a professional who is not currently on the company’s roster, it can recruit one especially for you.

All expert witnesses are carefully vetted to ensure that they can provide keen insights into your case. In a similar vein, Homestead Medical Experts has over a thousand providers nationwide who can conduct medical exams. The company also provides thorough medical record reviews to verify if deviations in standard care actually occurred.

For your convenience, you can request a medical expert through the recruiter’s website. There is no upfront fee and a case manager will provide you with updates within 24 hours.

Homestead Medical Experts was started in 2015 with the goal of acting as a bridge between attorneys and professional witnesses. It was founded by Seth Lefberg, who has extensive experience in both the legal and medical fields. The recruitment agency can cater to clients throughout the United States.

Lefberg says: “ We provide high-touch case management throughout the process ensuring a smooth and cohesive experience. When you work with us, you no longer have to worry about wasting time and money just looking for reliable expert witnesses.”

Discover the smarter and more convenient way of securing professional testimonies for your case. Contact Homestead Medical Experts today to get started. There are no upfront fees so don’t delay!

Simply visit https://homesteadexperts.com if you need further details about the company and its services.

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