Save Money On Membrane Wrap Costs For Your Wound Care Center With Top Provider

May 8, 2023

Has your wound care center lost reimbursement money for membrane wraps in the past? Would you like to streamline your practice’s processes and reduce per-patient costs? Then contact NutraCyte to learn how they can help!

If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with your wound care center, you may want to consider looking at your distribution and reimbursement of membrane wraps. Contact NutraCyte to benefit from their amniotic membrane wrap distribution services for podiatrists and wound care centers!

The company’s partnership with CanyonMD and IMPAX allows them to offer your healthcare practice an all-in-one service for your membrane wrap distribution, billing, and reimbursement needs.

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With the biomedical solutions provider’s services, centers performing regular wound care treatments can improve their per-patient revenue through the use of the company’s amniotic membrane wraps distribution and reimbursement system.

While the use of membrane wraps is a crucial part of your wound care center’s work, there is also a reimbursement risk that can affect your practice's financials. By using NutraCyte's streamlined reimbursement system, you can reduce this risk since their amniotic membrane wraps and associated services are provided at no upfront costs and with no financial exposure.

The IMPAX amniotic membrane wraps distributed by NutraCyte consist of a dual-layer human allograft that has been processed from healthy placental tissue. This tissue contains collagen substrate, growth factors, and extra-cellular matrix proteins that are known to accelerate the health process.

Each membrane wrap also has a 5-year shelf life and is developed to easily adhere to wounds of all shapes and sizes, including those with irregular surfaces.

By partnering with CanyonMD, NutraCyte's distribution service benefits from the medical billing company’s over 13 years of industry experience. The company also handles all insurance verification and pre-auth requirements to streamline the process further.

In addition to being an easier means of distribution, the company’s system also offers a competitive reimbursement value of $1350 per square cm. Additionally, CanyonMD takes 100% of the reimbursement risk, NutraCyte says.

If you are looking to learn more about how the system can improve your operation flow and the services you provide to patients, you can find more information on the company’s website. The site also features a contact form if you want to speak to a consultant directly.

A spokesperson for NutraCyte said, “If your practice works on wound repair, then we can help your flow of operation and increase your profits on every patient.”

Improve your wound care center’s revenue with a streamlined system for membrane wrap distribution and reimbursements from NutraCyte!

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