Wendell Wall Founder OB/GYN Board Prep Offers Expert Training For Doctors With These Specialist Courses

Apr 14, 2024

OB/GYN Board Prep, created by specialist Wendell Wall, has announced it can help physicians to prepare for their board certification exams. It offers written and oral exam prep with high quality practice sessions and webinars.

Led by Dr Wendell Wall, OB/Gyn Board Prep has announced that it can provide a range of courses to help physicians to prepare for their board certification exams. It offers courses covering oral, written and moc exam prep.

For more information please visit the website here: http://wendellwall.com

OB/Gyn Bord Prep was founded over 25 years ago by Dr Wendell Wall and has assisted over 20,000 to prepare for their board certification exams. Their gold standard courses, which are taught by highly skilled and experienced board certified physicians, are the choice of 90% of OBGYN board candidates every year.

Research shows that 90% of American OGBYN Board candidates trusts OB/GYN Board Prep with their exam preparation. Much of this is due to the principles of Dr Wendell Wall and their focus on providing the best service for clients.

Dr Wendell Wall has built OB/GYN Board Prep to be the leading OBGYN board review course in the nation, with an extensive history and impressive success rate for the OBGYN oral and written examinations.

The organization prides itself on providing the best courses available online. It is renowned as the gold standard of board preparation, with courses taught by a team of highly skilled and experienced board certified physicians.

A range of nightly live and interactive webinars are available through the OB/GYN Board Prep site. These include written webinars, oral webinars, moc webinars, and case list construction webinars.

Full details on the oral exam prep and written exam prep are provided on the OB/GYN Board Prep site. The oral examination consists of there hours with six examiners, with half the examination directed at questions and the other half consisting of case studies.

Several review options for the written exam are available based on detailed analysis of previous tests. This helps to ensure the best preparation for anyone looking to take their exam.

Further information on Wendell Wall and his expert OG/BYN Board Prep services can be found on the website provided above.

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