Top SPAIRE Hip Replacement Specialist In London: Private Hospital, No Waitlist

Nov 13, 2023

Did you know you can get a total hip replacement, and then go home the same day with no mobility restrictions? It’s thanks to a new technique called SPAIRE – and London’s top specialist has a new no-waitlist policy, at the MSK Doctors Hospital.

Medical science is advancing, fast - but have you ever noticed that there are two different types of advances?

I like to call them Reality and Fiction, but that's not quite true... it's more like, "Accessible" and "Technically Possible, I Guess."

Maybe I should explain - take a new advancement like the SPAIRE hip replacement surgery, it's new, it's improved, and you can actually go out, right now, and book an appointment for it.

It's a real surgery, you can actually get, right now.

It's accessible.

Now, compare that to some advances we hear about, but never see - like an article I read the other day about how dentists are learning how to regrow teeth.

It's not really "fiction," it's just not accessible, it's "Technically Possible, I Guess," even though we'll likely never see it in reality.

Well today, we're not talking about "Technicalities," we're talking about "Realities."

Real surgical techniques that are vastly improved, that you can actually book an appointment for, and benefit from. More specifically, the SPAIRE technique, because it has all the benefits you could ask for in a new hip replacement technique - short of waving a magic wand and having it painlessly and instantly healed.

It's so accessible, that you could book an appointment right now, with absolutely no waiting list, to see one of the UK's top specialists in this technique, Prof. Paul Lee.

Here's a bit of information about Prof. Lee, the SPAIRE technique, and his London clinic -

Now, I know I keep saying this technique is "new," and it is - but that's a relative term.

If you're concerned about it being untested, don't be. It's been very thoroughly tested, improved, and retested, by some of the top surgical minds in the world. Prof. Lee also learned the technique right from the source, the person who designed it, and has been performing it on clients for years now.

So what makes the new technique better?

Well, the short answer is, that it prevents or minimizes all the bad things that normally happen when you have a hip replacement... like pain, mobility restrictions, and downtime.

It does this in what seems like the most obvious and simple way possible, by causing less damage during the surgery.

Now, I know this is a layman's explanation, but it really is that simple.

With a normal hip replacement surgery, there's a lot of damage to the muscles and tendons in the area, and that's why patients normally can't lift their hips past 90 degrees after, and why they're in so much pain.

This new technique provides basically the same hip replacement, but installed using a new route that doesn't cause as much damage - or more specifically, instead of cutting and repairing several important muscle groups, it only targets the obturator externus tendon.

What that means for you, in a nutshell, is simple.

After your surgery, you can go home within 23 hours - with no mobility restrictions.

Okay, to be clear - you shouldn't schedule a football game the next day, but you can walk around, and lift your hips, without any serious danger.

Since there's less trauma to the whole area, you'll recover faster than you otherwise might have, and your chance of a post-operative dislocation is drastically reduced too.

The only downside to this technique, and it's small - is that it's not available at most clinics.

That's no surprise, it's pretty new, and requires an expert - so maybe in 20 years or so it will become the standard, as new doctors are trained in the SPAIRE technique at school.

Until then, it is accessible, but you have to go to the right expert.

If you're in London, then that's definitely Prof. Lee - not only has he been performing this surgery for years, but he was trained by the inventor, and the practice he founded (MSK Doctors) has access to all the cutting-edge technology and techniques that can make your recovery even smoother.

An MSK Doctors spokesperson explained, “The contemporary implants and instruments are crafted employing the latest advancements in medical engineering, ensuring optimal compatibility, durability, and functionality. This modern approach significantly augments the effectiveness and longevity of the SPAIRE Hip Replacement procedure, consequently enhancing the quality of life for our patients post-surgery.”

Sure, you could get your hip replacement at any old clinic - but you don't want just any old surgery.

MSK Doctors has the top specialists, and the best equipment, to make sure you have the optimal outcome, every time.

Plus, no wait list!

You can learn more about your options, or even schedule an appointment online, just visit

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