Get Chronic Pain Relief With Pain Pump Implantation Treatment in Louisville, KY

Apr 14, 2024

Interventional pain management in Louisville, Kentucky, Kentuckiana Pain Specialists, updates its alternative pain treatments to reduce waiting times and help patients find relief from their chronic pain on the same day.

A pain-free life without medication is possible! An alternative pain management center has the perfect service for you.

Kentuckiana Pain Specialists, an alternative pain management clinic in Louisville, Kentucky, announces that it has updated its intrathecal pain pump implant services. This is a minimally invasive procedure that is recommended if you suffer from chronic or acute pain.

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The newly updated service is an alternative pain treatment for those with chronic lower back pain. The procedure implants a small tube under the skin where pain medicine is delivered and controlled by a small electronic device located outside the body. It is usually given to patients suffering from long-term pain caused by an injury or disease.

Studies have found that intrathecal pain pumps offer therapeutic benefits for those who do not respond well to traditional treatments because of the minimal side effects. The treatment is also recommended when surgery is not an option.

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Kentuckiana Pain Specialists is an interventional pain management practice led by Dr. Ajith Nair, a board-certified specialist specializing in intrathecal pain pump implantation. Under his guidance, thousands of residents in the area have found relief from their chronic pain.

The accredited Medicare-approved state-of-the-art outpatient facility is known for offering personalized pain management treatments with all of its surgeries done in-house. This means that you can treat the cause of your pain in a few hours. Dr. Nair says that this reduces the risk of potentially acquiring an airborne illness.

Intrathecal pain pump surgery requires regular training to ensure that you can live peacefully with the device under your skin. Dr. Nair updated his pain management services to feature the latest technologies and medical advances in alternative pain treatments.

He says that with the improved services, waiting times are reduced and you can find lasting relief.

With its updated service, Kentuckiana Pain Specialists continues its mission of providing high-quality pain management alternative treatments.

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