Saskatoon Commercial HVAC For Restaurants: Installation Of Exhaust Hood Fans

Aug 14, 2023

Pro Service Mechanical (306-230-2442) installs and repairs exhaust hood systems for restaurants in Saskatoon that want to improve air quality and hygiene in their establishment. Say goodbye to grease, odor, and smoke with an upgraded ventilation system!

If you operate a restaurant in Saskatoon or surrounding areas like Martensville, Warman, and Dalmeny, you might want to take note of the HVAC services provided by Pro Service Mechanical. One such essential service offered by the company is the repair and installation of exhaust hood fans, integral components to the indoor air quality and hygiene in your restaurant's kitchen area.

Being a chef is a stressful profession as it is. So why not simplify kitchen life with a smoothly running exhaust hood system that makes breathing easier and eliminates the need for excessive cleaning? Read more about Pro Service Mechanical and how they can help you here:

Why are exhaust hood fans so important? Maintaining indoor air quality can be challenging, especially in summer or in smaller spaces like food trucks. That's where a professionally installed extractor hood comes into play. It helps reduce smoke and odor, capture moisture, and improve hygiene.

Pro Service Mechanical has taken on the task of assisting Saskatchewan restaurants in meeting health and safety regulations. They do this by installing modern, quiet exhaust hood systems designed to meet each commercial kitchen's unique needs, ensuring a comfortable and sanitary environment for both guests and staff.

If you already have a range hood, but it begins to make more noise or kitchen smells start reaching your dining area, it might be time to check on it. The team at Pro Service Mechanical offers maintenance services to ensure the extractor hood's proper functionality and prevent further damage. They also provide 24-hour emergency repair services to minimize disruption to your restaurant operations.

If you have any other needs or concerns regarding your restaurant, Pro Service Mechanical will probably be able to help. These guys are no one-trick pony! In addition to their exhaust hood system services, they provide and upgrade commercial refrigeration systems, ice-makers, food prep tables, walk-in freezers, and coolers. They also handle drain cleaning for grease traps, toilets, sinks, and ductwork, ensuring your restaurant runs smoothly from every angle.

Established in 2008, ProService Mechanical is a fully-insured, family-owned and operated HVAC company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. They have been active participants in the community program Lennox Feel the Love Program since 2018, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the community they serve.

To learn more and book, or to book a request, visit:

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