Replace Your Kitchen Window With A Modern, Affordable Gas Strut Pass-Thru Window

Aug 9, 2023

Make an event out of indoor-outdoor living at home with a flip-out gas strut window from OpenUp Windows. Ideal for kitchen conversions, this innovative window creates a seamless transition to the outdoors for patio dining and entertaining that’s fun and inviting.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to update your kitchen, consider the addition of a pass-through awning window.

Imagine converting your current window into a true showpiece by installing a grand awning window that opens to a 90-degree angle with a simple tap. And while the views and ventilation this improvement offers are incredible, its best feature is the new passageway that it creates between your kitchen and your patio. No more precarious trips from the kitchen to where everyone’s dining outside. Instead - just as the name implies - you “pass through” all your items from one area to the other.

Prominent gas strut pass-through window manufacturers, OpenUp Windows, offer you an easy conversion process that changes out your traditional window for a long-lasting pass-through window, improving indoor-outdoor livability and delivering an excellent return on investment.

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Residential flip-out pass-through windows evolved from the commercial market, where walk-up café owners began using them to optimize space, streamline business operations, and improve customer interaction. Now you can create this same impressive indoor-outdoor feel that also allows the cook in your kitchen to socialize with company on the patio by retrofitting your double-hung kitchen window. OpenUp Windows offers a range of flip-out window sizes to accommodate most window dimensions.

“We make flip-out windows as small as 36”x42" all the way up to windows that are 120" x 48," and can sometimes create windows outside these parameters if we can see the plans and confirm viability," says Ed Page, company founder, and chief engineer. “Gas strut flip-out pass-through windows are changing the way people enjoy their kitchens, and replacing a double-hung window with a flip-out window is relatively simple.”

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A flip-out window has no bottom track or sill, allowing for items to be passed to the outside without being lifted over any obstructions.

Flip-out windows from OpenUp Windows are double-insulated and UV-protected. Their minimalist aesthetic blends harmoniously with any home architecture, and frames and locking handle paint colors can be customized to suit your home’s color palette. A retractable insect screen is also available.

Ed’s expert engineering and signature technology are what distinguishes the OpenUp brand. As the inventor of 2Fold Technology, he combines the benefits of sustainable Accoya wood sash interiors with a heavy extruded aluminum frame exterior, making OpenUp’s pass-through window weatherproof and structurally sound.

Looking for a way to elevate your indoor-outdoor living and dining at home? OpenUp Windows’ gas strut flip-out windows offer a cost-efficient solution. A simple conversion from a double-hung window to a pass-through window can redefine your home’s layout, making the most of your kitchen and patio.

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