Redding Clinic Looking For Vet Keen On Holistic Medicine, Fresh Food Nutrition

Jul 24, 2023

Pet Care Naturally (530-221-1803) is seeking a full-time veterinarian who’s passionate about fresh food nutrition and holistic treatment. Future ownership or partnership are just two perks that come with the position.

Everyone gets excited about something. Some people are crazy about pets. Others are dedicated foodies. And a select few get giddy about both.

If you're a veterinarian who's passionate about fresh food nutrition and animals, then Pet Care Naturally may have the purr-fect position for you. The holistic veterinary clinic is looking for a full-time holistic vet to join their pack. To make things even more exciting, the clinic will award the top three applicants with an all-expense paid trip to Northern California, where the two clinics are located in the mountains surrounded by National Forests, and meet with the team.

If you'd like to learn more about the practice, visit

Now, this isn't just a basic employee opening. Pet Care Naturally describes this position as a stepping stone toward a leadership role with the potential to influence the clinic’s growth and direction. The ideal candidate should be fun to work with, a great communicator, and an excellent veterinarian, and may transition to future ownership or partnership down the road. This is why they're set on finding an innovative, like-minded trailblazer in natural pet care.

The demand for holistic health care is growing, for both two-legged and four-legged patients. A recent National Institutes of Health survey found that about one-third of Americans seek holistic healthcare solutions that treat the whole person rather than isolated symptoms. Many of these individuals are pet owners and are looking for similar methods to improve the health of their furry family members, too.

Both recently graduated vets and seasoned professionals are encouraged to apply, as long as they’re passionate advocates of fresh food nutrition, and incorporate it into their treatment approach. The ideal candidate will have robust clinical, surgical, and technological skills that enhance the clinic and advance its reputation as a holistic veterinary care facility.

Personal dedication to helping animals and their human counterparts is a must, says Neal Weiner, owner of PCN and Lewiston Animal Clinic, its sister practice. “The ideal scenario includes working with a vet associate that we like, who is fun to work with, and can easily communicate their belief in the healing power of nature," he says.

Weiner and the other clinic staff strongly believe in their unique approach to fresh food nutrition and create individualized plans for each cat or dog. Staff describes the clinic's clientele as a "robust group of animals" they only see when it's time for a routine checkup or a food order. They rarely get sick - and that's how the clinic likes it. It's one reason they are dedicated to feeding pets fresh food and treating them holistically.

Over time, Pet Care Naturally aspires to develop an internet-based fresh food educator program and promote educational videos on the clinic’s website. In-house seminars, software advancements, computerized medical records, and a user-friendly client communication platform are also on the near horizon.

Pet Care Naturally provides nutritional advice, planning, and chiropractic treatments at the Lewiston and Redding, California clinics. The clinic also offers frozen and freeze-dried food options, as well as nutritional supplements, on-site to help clients create plans for success. Traditional outpatient veterinary medicine is available in the Redding office, while Lewiston offers outpatient and surgical services.

If you're interested in applying or learning more about the position, visit or call the clinic directly at (530) 221-1803.

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