Lewiston, CA Full Time Veterinarian Position Available At Holistic Animal Clinic

Jun 1, 2023

Are you an experienced veterinarian passionate about preventive pet wellness searching for a role where you can grow? Then you’re barking up the right tree, as this North Californian vet clinic (530-221-1803) is looking for someone like you.

You're a veterinarian looking to relocate to a beautiful area and a firm believer in the power of raw feed for pet health. Does this sound like you? Paws up! You're wanted! Pet Care Naturally has started a national search for an associate vet, and that could be you!

This holistic veterinary practice is located in the stunning mountains of northern California, with its primary clinic in Redding. What's even more interesting is that this position could become a unique business opportunity as the right candidate will have an opportunity to become the owner of the Redding office and the branch in Lewiston.

Apply for the position here https://wellnesspetvet.com/newvet

To be a good fit for the role, you should share Pet Care Naturally's holistic approach to animal care and strongly advocate fresh food nutrition. The clinic's vision is to be recognized as a veterinarian center focused on wellness.

Let's see if you have what it takes for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To apply, you should have at least 5 years of experience in veterinary care and a surgical and clinical skill set. Are you also tech-savvy? Even better, this is a plus to succeed in this rare position.

So what do you get in turn?

In addition to being located in the national forest area, you also get to be part of a team that promotes learning and growth. And that's not all. The right person actually has the chance of becoming the owner of not one but two clinics. Pet Care Naturally has one clinic in Redding and another approximately 40 minutes away in Lewiston.

The two clinics offer a wide range of veterinary services. At the Lewiston clinic, they perform more advanced procedures, including surgeries in their state-of-the-art surgery suite, where patients are put under anesthesia with modern equipment. Other services provided at the Lewiston location are radiology and dentistry. Furry friends can also hitch a free ride from Redding upon request!

Pet Care Naturally has shown that a proper pet diet can elevate physical health, mental acuity, and longevity. The job description suggests that you should share this passion for raw food and be able to communicate this with pet owners. To be successful in the role, you should also share the beliefs of the healing power of nature.

Pet Care Naturally is owned by Dr. Neal Weiner, a veterinary practitioner for 47 years, 30 of which he has practiced integrated medicine. Dr. Weiner's veterinary practice also supplies Redding and surrounding areas with a large selection of carefully selected dog food, supplements, and meat proteins prescribed for a fresh food diet.

"As we've grown, we need an associate who wants to be a part of a culture in which we transform animal's disease conditions into wellness using the diet that nature intended," said Dr. Weiner. "Part of our culture is that everyone in our practice feeds raw, we all believe in it. We're all up toned, excited, and looking for a veterinarian who wants to be a part of that experience and potentially could be a future owner."

Don't miss out on this chance! Apply today at https://wellnesspetvet.com/newvet

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