Positioning Strategy For Coaches & Authority Marketing: Personal Branding Course

Jul 3, 2023

Do you want to capitalize on your knowledge and skills by sharing them as a coach? Mike Driggers offers authority positioning services if you want to be a thought leader or industry influencer in your chosen field. Check out his personal branding courses today!

Imagine going from zero to seven figures in six months. Sounds like a dream, right? But what if it wasn't? This is where Mike Driggers steps in. He's created a tried and tested "Done-For-You" Coaching Business, a program with everything you need to level up. With this program you will get a solid roadmap, work with a top-notch team, and even get a money-back guarantee!

"Done-For-You" (DFY) Coaching Business program is designed to help individuals become successful coaches or consultants for various industries within six months. It is an innovative, turnkey solution for those seeking to capitalize on their knowledge and expertise. Clients get a business that is fully sustainable with hundreds of leads in the pipeline.

Visit https://www.mikedriggers.com/ for more information!

The key feature of the DFY Coaching Business program is the level of support and guidance provided to you. The course offers access to five specialized teams, all dedicated to helping you find your niche and become thought leaders and industry influencers.

A content creation team works closely with you to create compelling courses or programs that harness your knowledge and expertise, but package it in easily digestible lectures or guides. With complete knowledge of your product, the marketing team and commission-only sales team are trained to generate high-quality leads and close deals quickly to ensure maximum sign-up rates for each course.

Aside from the DFY Coaching Business program, Mike Driggers also created Authority Fingerprint Mastermind, an eight-week course establishing you as an authority in your field. The course focuses on creating high-ticket coaching programs while laying the foundation for a seven to eight-figure coaching business within 90 days or less. Complementing this is the Instant Authority-Extreme Lead Generating Machine, an initiative to transform your social media profiles into a powerful lead generator.

“My coaching clients will knock off five to ten years off their learning curve easily when they start working with me. Not only that, but we have also shown them how to have a solid business foundation to grow their coaching business. Whether you’re just starting your own coaching business, or you have an existing coaching business and want to achieve financial freedom, nothing is more rewarding than getting your messages out and learning from me and the lives I’ve helped impact,” Mike Driggers remarked.

Mike Driggers' DFY Coaching Business program takes the guesswork out of starting a consultancy. From the high-ticket course creation to lead generation, to closing deals - it's all wrapped up in this comprehensive package. If you're ready to transform your life and hit seven figures, it's time to click that button and let the magic happen. You won't regret it!

Check out https://yourcoachingempire.com/pdf for more information!

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