Build A Successful Coaching Career With These Subject Matter Expert Courses

Oct 10, 2023

Do you want to build a coaching or consultancy business using the knowledge you gained in your field of expertise? Mike Driggers will show you how!

Have you ever been tasked to create training modules for your team? Do you enjoy passing your knowledge to others to help them achieve their own goals? Instead of doing this for your company, why not be your own boss by setting up a coaching or consultancy business based on your knowledge and expertise?

Business coach Michael Driggers Jr. offers authority positioning and personal branding programs that help aspiring coaches and consultants by equipping them with the necessary skills and insights to launch successful coaching businesses. Driggers, leveraging his insightful "10 Steps to 7 Figures" roadmap, focuses on empowering you to emerge as subject matter experts in your field of expertise.

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One of his bestselling programs is the Authority Fingerprint Mastermind, an intensive eight-week program tailored to expedite the participant’s journey toward becoming a recognized authority in their field. With an emphasis on creating high-ticket coaching programs, the course is designed to lay the foundation for you to develop a profitable coaching business within 90 days. In addition, Driggers offers the Instant Authority-Extreme Lead Generating Machine, which educates you on transforming your social media profiles into potent lead generation tools to maximize your online presence.

The business coach also recommends "Done-For-You" (DFY) Coaching Business, a six-month program custom-made for aspiring coaches or consultants across various industries. It gives you five specialized teams to work with, including a creative team to set up courses and guides based on your existing knowledge and expertise. To maximize course enrollments, you are teamed up with a marketing and commission-only sales group, trained to generate high-quality leads and close deals on your behalf.

If you have little to no previous coaching experience, Michael Driggers Jr. has a five-part course called Instant Authority Engine, which can help you kickstart your career and minimize the learning curve. Part One provides an overview of the Instant Authority Engine Framework, while Part Two focuses on crafting an "easy yes" offer, positioning you as a unique entity in your target market. Driggers addresses introverts in Part Three, where he details the process of building credibility and authority for those who aren’t interested in doing TikTok trends and other such social media activities. In Part Four and Part Five, he introduces an Automated 4-Figure and 6-Figure Client Attraction Engine System that works 24/7 to pre-sell and enroll ideal clients into your programs.

When you sign up, you also get bonus packages, including the Media Spotlight Strategy, which will help you secure media features on renowned organizations like Forbes or Entrepreneur magazine, increasing your online visibility and building your credibility. The second bonus is the Triplex 6-Figure Instant Authority Engine which has three detailed case studies from clients who scaled their income from zero to six figures, providing insights into their challenges and successes. Lastly, you get the Zero-to-Six Figure Coach Blueprint, which lays out a clear plan of action to bounce back to a six-figure income swiftly and effectively. This blueprint is designed to help you model successful strategies and bypass years of potential trial and error, providing a roadmap to accelerate your financial recovery or growth.

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